12 August 2020


Dear Whānau/Parents

                    COVID-19 - Level 2

Following the Prime Minister’s decision to move New Zealand to COVID-19 - Level 2 alert, we will be putting the following steps into place:

Specific Information for Whānau/Families

  1. School is open and we will be taking every measure to support our students in their learning, their health and their well-being. We will emphasise safe hygiene practices and social distancing in school.

  2. If your child is unwell, please keep him or her at home.

  3. School buses will be running as normal and we will be re-instating our bus tracking programme over the next few days.

  4. This week we have cancelled all EOTC and sports programmes so students will not be travelling away or overnight.

  5. All sports fixtures for Thursday and Friday have been postponed.

  6. Could you please check your contact details and inform the school if you have had a change of address or contact number.

  7. Our Thursday Elective Programme will be changed to a learning hub period, where our form teachers will be working with their students to ensure that the e-learning online classrooms, skills and techniques are all understood and available.

  8. For this learning environment to be successful, please ensure that your child has a digital device in School with them tomorrow.  The School has Chromebooks which we are loaning out for no cost.  Please discuss this with your child if they do not have a Chromebook so that we can ensure their on-going learning, if this current level of alert continues or changes to the next level.


We have successfully managed the risks presented by the virus in the past, with your support I believe that we can come through this crisis again.


If you have any concerns, please contact the School so that we can address them immediately.  Our Guidance Counsellors are available to support whanau and students who may feel stressed by this new level.


Yours sincerely


Philip Gurney

M.Teaching (Distinction), M.Ed (Distinction). B.A Hons.


Tel: 64-7-308-8159

Arawa Road, Whakatane

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