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Trident High School is going phone free in 2024 - Phones are “Away for the Day”

Inline with the new government regulations we have implemented our

new cellphone rule "Away For The Day".

Smartphones provide a multitude of conveniences and handy tools. However, they also come with some downsides – social media can put huge pressures on young people and teachers are aware of the  increase in online bullying over recent years. Schools have noticed that young people are finding it increasingly difficult to disconnect and manage their phone use, phones have become a significant distraction.  Our hope is that the “away for the day” approach will reduce distraction, maximise learning time and minimise the potential for cyber-bullying. 

To allow this message to be conveyed to all students and whānau we will be repeating it at every possible opportunity in week 1 and week 2. Whilst we do not expect to see phones at any time during this “grace period”, implementation of the 3-step process outside of the classroom will start from week 3, Monday 12 February. 

Communication about “Away for the Day”
Emails to whanau, information about “Away for the Day” on social media
Away for the Day explained in assemblies, Whanau Ako classes and subject classes
Phone rules included in class contracts

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