These students have either represented New Zealand or gained a National Title

NZ Representatives in 2019

Tawari Stanley - NZ u19 Men’s Volleyball Team

Jack Oswald - NZ u19 Men’s Volleyball Team

Chicane Paniora - NZ u19 Men’s Volleyball Team

Jasmine Westrupp - NZ u19 Women’s Volleyball Team

Kalani Ruri - NZ u19 Women’s Volleyball Team

Abbie Wilson - NZ u17 Women’s Volleyball Team

Shakira McDonald - NZ u17 Women’s Volleyball Team

Jacob Lane - NZ u21 Power Football Team

Nikeisha Popata - NZ Kickboxing

NZ Representatives in 2019

Anamia Paul - NZ u17 Women's Volleyball Team

Courtney Wilson - NZ Secondary School Brass Band, National Youth Brass Band

Aria Dalgleish - NZ Secondary School Brass Band

NZ Titles in 2018


Isobel Wotton - NZSS U17 Mountain Biking, NZSS U20 Mountain Biking Team, NZSS U16 Multisport Champion


Bailey Frederickson - NZSS U14 Multisport Champion


Eve Smith - NZSS U20 Mountain Biking Team


Nicole Curtis - NZSS U20 Mountain Biking Team

Tarn Reddish - NZUTA Taekwondo Nationals – Gold Light Heavyweight Division

Lachlan Spence - NZ Junior Horn Champion, NZ Junior Champion of Champions, NZ Junior Quartet Champion

Simon Winship - NZ Junior Baritone Champion, NZ Junior Quartet Champion

Courtney Wilson - NZ Junior Quartet Champion

Clarke Spence - NZ Junior Quartet Champion

Notable Achievements


Trident Big Band - Win Gold at 41st National Youth Jazz Band Competition

Joeal Mita - Most Outstanding Big Band Drummer at National Youth Jazz

Jack Nelson - Scholarship to European Space Centre Norway

Megan Joy - Scholarship to FEAST Brisbane  


Khiarna Williams - Waikato/BOP BIKO Netball Team

NZ Representatives in 2018

Bridget Hutching - NZ U21 National Long Range Rifle Shooting Team  

Kalani Ruri - NZ Youth Women’s Volleyball Team  

Tawari Stanley - NZ U17 Youth Men’s Volleyball Team  

Phoenix Paniora - NZ U19 Junior Women’s Volleyball Team


Kristian Marshall - NZ U16 Kayaking  

Zaane Walker - NZ Muay Thai Kickboxing

Robbie Cameron-Henry - NZ Muay Thai Kickboxing

Dallas Teepa - NZ U18 Boys Touch

Holly Minchington - NZSS Choir

Lachlan Spence - NZSS Brass Band Principal Horn, National Youth Band

Clarke Spence - NZSS Brass Band Principal Cornet, National Youth Band

Simon Winship - NZSS Brass Band, National Youth Band

Courtney Wilson - NZSS Brass Band, National Youth Band

Gemma Wilshier - NZSS Brass Band

Joeal Mita - National Youth Band

Khiarna Williams - NZSS Netball Team and training partner for the Waikato BOP Magic

Angus Coulter - NZSS Golf Croquet Team

Arnob Das - NZSS Golf Croquet Team

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