We aim to ensure the well-being of our students both within and outside the school. We have a strong network of staff to provide support and guidance. Whanau ako teachers guide overall progress of each student in the form class and this involves monitoring attendance. Deans, available at each year level, focus on the welfare of each student, including their academic progress.


We promote a safe and caring environment free from put-downs or bullying, and drugs. Board of Trustees, parents, staff and students are all supportive of our ‘zero tolerance’ policies.

Trident focuses on student success through reinforcing our core values of:

·         Respect For Others (Manaakitanga),

·         Quality Work (Whāia te iti kahurangi)

·         Courage (Kia Manawa Nui)

We expect responsible behaviour and use strategies that encourage this.



We have a consistent, school-wide, positive approach to discipline and we actively teach students about expected behaviours and responsibilities. PB4L is a respected international programme that we have adapted to meet the needs of our school.



·         Creates effective teaching and learning environments

·         Boosts student engagement in learning

·         Increases student attendance and retention

·         Supports students to make positive behaviour choices that promote academic and social success

·         Creates a safe environment.


RESTORATIVE PRACTICES                                   

Trident staff use proven and effective restorative practices when things do go wrong. This approach is used to resolve conflict and achieve a positive outcome for students. It focuses on restoring the harm done in any conflict, building understanding, putting things right and planning a way forward.

We use PB4L to encourage positive behaviour and Restorative Practices as our approach when behaviour is unacceptable. We encourage and expect parents to be fully involved. When things continue to go wrong we draw on a wider range of support mechanisms to support the student.


Junior Pastoral Team

Mike Te Kurapa – Junior Whanau Dean

Donna Huntingdon - Junior Dean 9 & 10

Glenn Barr – Junior Dean 9

Jon Stanhope – Junior Dean 10

Senior Pastoral Team

Sarsha Deeley & Fran Carter - Year 11

Adelaide Roper & Jason Garner - Year 12

Deanna Foster & Jeff Lee – Year 13