Defence Career choice cemented

During the school holidays Year 12 Service Academy students Tu Ua Keepa and Brody Palmer attended the ‘Defence Careers Experience’ in Devonport, Auckland at the Naval Base.  They spent 4 nights and 5 days living in barracks and being shown around the Navy Base by New Zealand Defence force personnel, experiencing the day to day life of Navy Sailors.  With flights, accommodation and food paid for by the Defence Careers Experience operation, both feel very fortunate to get the opportunity to gain some insight into their career direction.  Brody is looking at getting into the Navy when he leaves school, specifically he is interested in becoming a Marine Electrician. He enjoyed the lifestyle around the Navy base and said the food was awesome!  Te Ua is looking at getting into the Army when he leaves school, specifically into Physical Training. The recruiter who he spent time with said he would be suitable Officer material and gave him insight into what that looks like.  For both boys the experience has cemented their career direction.

Being in the Trident Service Academy led both boys to gain the spots on the Defence Careers Experience and they say having the experience through the Service Academy has been beneficial in helping them navigate their opportunities.  Te Ua says he has enjoyed and worked well within the routine and structure that Staff Shaw demands of his students. He also likes wearing the Services uniform, it provides a sense of belonging and pride in the group of students and he likes the way the community gives them positive recognition when they are out and about as a group.  For Brody, being part of the Service Academy has meant he has been challenged mentally and physically through camps and other exercises. He says being put under pressure like that has helped him to grow as a person and has meant his school work and sport has improved. Working one on one with Staff Shaw has also been a bonus as he feels supported in his school life.  

Both Brody and Te Ua would like to thank Staff Shaw for his guidance and support this year.  

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