Year 11 students Roza Crawford and Neve Power are busy planning for the experience of a lifetime - preparing for their Rotary Overseas Student Exchange in 2020. Roza is heading to Austria in January, following in the footsteps of her older brother and sister who also went on exchanges while at Trident High School. Roza’s older sister also went to Austria and went through the same interview process with the same people as Roza. Her older siblings were her inspiration for applying for this exchange, upon their return she saw how much it changed them and impacted on their lives in a positive way. Their outlook on life was different and they realised how small New Zealand really is, they also matured a lot during that time. While she has never been to Europe before Roza is not nervous about being in a new continent with a new family, she is just super excited about the prospect of being able to learn a new language and make use of the many mountains where she can hit the slopes as she is a keen skier. Roza has been using an app to begin learning German and is feeling like she is grasping the basics. Thankfully her sister is able to help her out through skype sessions, so she will be well on her way to being able to converse with her host family who she gets to know in September.

Flying out of NZ with Roza in January is Neve Power who is heading to Switzerland. Neve says she has always wanted to go on an exchange because she loves to experience other cultures. She loves her own maori culture and looks forward to being able to share that with new friends in Switzerland while learning about their culture. The proximity to ski slopes in Switzerland is something that Neve is excited about - she has never been skiing before but can’t wait to try. Neve has to pass a German language test to get her visa for Switzerland, like Roza she has been using an app but is about to start lessons with a private tutor. She hopes to come back more independent and have furthered her passion for travel. Both Roza and Neve are used to relative independence, both went to Great Barrier Island last year as year 10 students with the GBI class here at Trident. The duo are in the same form class and are good friends so there is a lot of planning going on together. Trips to visit each other in their respective countries are on the cards and they are both looking forward to the two week tour of Europe where they meet up with all the other Rotary exchange students. The girls will leave NZ together, fly to USA first, then to London before departing for their own new home countries to meet their host families and start the school year. We look forward to hearing from them while they are in Europe and wish them all the best for their language acquisition.

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