Flying high with Celine

Through Trident’s Gateway Programme Celine Sellars has been lucky enough to get work experience in Aviation at the Whakatane Airport.  She chose Aviation to learn more about the history of the aviation industry and the different functions of planes used back in WW1 & WW2 which is an interest of hers.  Celine had her first flying experience while learning and working at the airport, having never been in a plane before it was a challenge that she readily faced. Seeing all the different types of planes that live at the Whakatane Airport, looking inside them and learning how they work has been a highlight for Celine, made more enjoyable with the tutors who she rates highly.

Work experience at the airport has meant that Celine is now broadening her career focus from Tourism and Hospitality into the Airline Industry.  She recommends the course to any students as she says it is a great experience and one she is pleased to have had the opportunity to explore.

Thank you to Whakatane Airport and the tutors that work with our students!

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