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We are proud to introduce Ms Jan Foster and Ms Jaime- Lee Coffey who are our new team responsible for our Library Hub. Beginning with a bang they have set up a “Banned Books” promotion which promotes books that are routinely challenged in libraries around the world. The uptake has been great and Ms Foster along with Ms Coffey have been interested in sharing with students explanations of why books have been banned and have enticed these readers to look further into the ‘banned books’.

Ms Foster has taken on the Library Administrator role and says “I am enjoying the library atmosphere and the students that engage with me in the library. I am working with students to increase their understanding and independence of how they can navigate their way around the library both physically and electronically to utilise our resources for study and recreational reading. I am passionate about encouraging students to read for understanding and enjoyment and look forward to working with Ms Coffey and drawing on her extensive literary knowledge to create many exciting projects this year.”

Ms Coffey comments “through literature we gain insight, empathy and it is a great way to critically engage with the world we live in. I am excited to continue to share my love of literature with our students through my role in the library.”

We acknowledge how ideal our Library team combination is - with Ms Foster as an IT specialist in the digital resourcing space and her well established place in the school combined with Ms Coffey’s enthusiasm and knowledge of what young people want to access through literature and digital media, our Library Hub is in great hands!

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