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Updated: Sep 19, 2020

We are proud of all of our teachers and staff here at Trident, but close to our hearts are those who not so long ago were students here at Trident and have returned in the capacity of teachers and a IT specialist.

Morgan Prevette, Jaime-Lee Coffey, Shane Corcoran, Alex Howe, Michelle Corbett are 5 out of 8 of our current Alumni staff

We currently have 9 staff at Trident who have returned to our school; Jamie-Lee Coffey who teachers English, Morgan Prevette who teaches Art and English, Alex Howe who teaches PE, Michelle Corbett who teachers Art, Joshua Moore who teaches PE, Jason Garner who teaches Social Studies and Drama, Joanna Boonen who teaches English and Drama, Donna Huntingdon who teachers Mathematics and Shane Corcoran who is an IT Specialist. Some of these teachers came to Trident High School as trainee teachers during their tertiary studies, having been taught as a students by a teacher, trained as a teacher by that teacher and now work alongside those same teachers.

On top of this we have many relievers, coaches and managers who are also Trident alumni and return to their high school in a different capacity.

Joshua Moore

Joshua says he feels lucky to work alongside those who inspired him to take the path he has into teaching PE. His positive experience at Trident High School, with teachers who genuinely cared for who he was and where he wanted to go led him to teaching and he feels proud to tell students he walked in their shoes not so long ago.

Jason Garner

Jason says "arriving to work each morning I get to take a trip down memory lane, as I wander down past the M Block deck where just a few years ago an overconfident teenaged Jason and his mates would hang out discussing highly intellectual and complicated situations such as how big the waves will be after school, which band is more hardcore, and most importantly who liked who. Aside from the constant sense of nostalgia that the walls of the old High School bring I realise that, much like the teachers who played a part in my story (many of whom now I work alongside), I am blessed to have the opportunity to contribute towards creating positive and impacting memories for our current students."

Joanna Boonen

Jaime-Lee Coffey and Joanna Boonen

Jaime-Lee Coffey left Trident Twenty years ago as a student and 9 years ago she returned here as an English Teacher. "Gaining a job at my old school was brilliant...even though it meant I now had to refer to “Sir” and “Miss” by their first names. There is a wonderful sense of familiarity in returning to Trident as a teacher. Even more importantly, I get to work with teachers who supported my growth as a student and a person. Through emulating what they taught me and I can become the kind of teacher I looked for as a student. I am lucky and grateful to work at Trident - the opportunities for students and teachers are just phenomenal. I look forward to seeing what adventures await. "

Joshua Moore

Alex Howe and Morgan Prevette

Morgan now works alongside Art teachers who she had as a student and those teachers feel blessed to have her in the department for many reasons. Having Morgan return to Trident as a trainee teacher and then as a qualified teacher demonstrates the high level of respect she had for her own education and her colleagues feel a great sense of pride in having 'one of their own' back with them. With Morgan having left for 4 years to study before returning, she was able to introduce fresh ideas that fit seamlessly in the department as she already knew how it operated and how she could incorporate these new ideas. Morgan is a huge asset to the department and school and we know she will go on to inspire many other students to follow her path.

Alex left Trident in 2012 and went overseas on a tennis scholarship where she completed her degree. "I didn't always want to be a teacher but when I moved back home I realised that was something I wanted to do. Once I got my qualification it was evident that I wanted to give back to a school that once gave me so much. Gaining my first teachers job at my very own high school was very special. I felt at home returning as I still had that connection with the school. It was awesome to see some of the teachers who taught me still here and rebuild those relationships as well as being able to work alongside a few of my peers who I went to school with."

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