Kane speaking to our Te Ata Motuhake students

Te Ata Motuhake students - many wearing pink for Pink Shirt - Anti Bullying day

Kane Hames has played on many teams : The All Blacks, Maori All Blacks, Highlanders, Chiefs, Tasman, but the ones that he proudly pointed out to our students was his home club during his time in Whakatane - Taneatua and Trident High Schools 1st XV. Naming those two teams gained a solid cheer and round of applause from our Trident students who were suitably impressed to have an ex Trident student with such an admirable resume come back to talk to them.

Kane began his day with our Te Ata Motuhake students, talking about his struggles, his goals and how he works hard to achieve these goals. Students spent time asking Kane questions which he answered with what we came to know as his extended answer where he managed to fit another three stories into the topic he was quizzed on and we were able to get a lot more insight into his career, mindset and inspiring notes. Alongside questions on his nutrition, the pitfalls of being a public figure on social media, his role models and his earning potential, he was also quizzed on his Fortnite stats and who would win an arm wrestle between him and his long time friend, Trident teacher Mr Moore.

Speaking at our full school Trident assembly Kane pointed out that there were two teachers in the auditorium who he remembered well from his time at Trident - Mr Marrow and Mrs Farrell. In fact, Mr Marrow was his rugby coach during his time at Trident in the 1st XV and he had some fond memories that he shared with us. Kane has had his share of injury set backs but he spoke about resilience and what it takes to overcome hurdles. He shared his motto 'be your own problem, be your own solution' with our students - he reminded our students that no-one else will take the interest and responsibility of getting you where you need to go better than yourself. In searching for inspiration Kane says he has mentors both in person and through literature. Stressing the importance of reading, he said that he has several role models whose influence he gains from reading their books. He applies the mentorship and guidance from his role models into his everyday life, living and breathing who he wants to be and where he wants to go. He says visualising himself achieving his goals is important and informs what he eats, how and when he trains and how he speaks - with confidence and absolute conviction that he WILL achieve his goals. We were absolutely thrilled to be gifted Kane's first Maori All Black jersey and in turn Mr Gurney presented Kane with one of our new supporter-wear hoodies, a leavers jacket and a wooden plaque.

Mr Gurney receiving Kanes Maori All Blacks jersey

Kane wearing our THS Leavers Jacket

After assembly our junior rugby teams had a coaching session with Kane where he ran them through some strategic moves that would directly improve their attack game. With our U15's having a convincing win this past weekend it appears they have taken on Kane's advice. Kane then spent time with our senior rugby boys, giving them specific tip line strategy and running them through drills on this. He spoke to them about how rugby needs to be played in your head, not just with speed and strength. Our boys were focussed and engaged, if not slightly star struck, running through drills with a Chiefs player and ex All Black.

We were super grateful to have had Kane spend time with us and our rugby teams and wish him well as he works through his injury in order to get back on the field and into the black jersey he aspires to get back on!

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