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Updated: Feb 14, 2020

Continuing our strong history of gaining NCEA Academic Scholarships, Trident High School is proud to say 2019 was no exception.  We gained ten Scholarships across a range of subject areas and from both Year 12 and Year 13 students and one of those scholarships was Outstanding Scholarship.

New Zealand Scholarship is an academic competition which asks students to be assessed against challenging standards and is demanding for the most able candidates in each subject. Assessment is by either a written/spoken examination or by the submission of a portfolio or report of work produced throughout the year.

Scholarship candidates are expected to demonstrate high-level critical thinking, abstraction and generalisation, and to integrate, synthesise and apply knowledge, skills, understanding, and ideas to complex situations.

New Zealand Scholarship provides recognition and monetary reward to top students in their last year of schooling.

Each New Zealand Scholarship assessment carries two passing grades - Scholarship (S) and Outstanding Scholarship (O). Of the approx 3% nationwide who gain a Scholarship pass, a small number, equating to approximately 0.5% nationwide will be accorded an Outstanding Scholarship.

Our scholarship students and their teachers share about their scholarship experiences and plans for this year.

Mr Barr, Trident’s Painting teacher describes Art Scholarship poetically:

‘Art Scholarship is a very windy road with very little wind,

sometimes there are peaks and sometimes troughs,

the troughs are important,

obstacles to overcome,

personal obstacles,

are outstanding.’

In Painting Trident is proud to have had two scholarship students.  Oliver Budd did exceptionally well to be awarded Outstanding Scholarship, which is a first at Trident for Painting.

Oliver says he would like to start by “thanking Trident High School for providing me with the opportunities to succeed.  I would also like to thank all of the Trident Art Department staff who pushed me throughout my high school years, especially Mr Barr who I could never have achieved scholarship without.  My scholarship forms a great base for my 2020 plans, where I will begin studying fine arts at Massey College of Creative Arts.”

Holland Power also gained Scholarship in Painting and is this year heading to AUT to study Spatial Design.  Holland would like to thank her art teachers Mr Barr and Mr Lee for both helping her throughout high school and Art Painting.  She also thanks Ms Coffey, her form teacher for always believing in her and encouraging her to do her best, for this Holland says, she will be forever grateful.

Through the Art Department, the success continues.  Gabriel Barr gained Scholarship in Photography, where he was just one mark short of gaining Outstanding Scholarship.  Gabriel will study alongside Oliver at Massey University in Wellington where he will work towards a Bachelor of Design majoring in fashion design.  He would like to thank “Mr Tate for continuously accepting my confusing ideas and being there to plot and dissect my work throughout the year and Jack Oswald for being my involuntary canvas.”  Gabriel offers some advice for photography students “pick a topic which is pure and unsolved, one that does not become boring the more you look. Others perspectives and narratives can be useful for drafting work. Make sure that you can communicate your singular idea before venturing into a plane of broadening your chosen topic. Don’t talk about the furniture before you’ve opened the front door.”

Our 2019 Dux, Linette Lengkeek is off to The Netherlands to commence her study this year.  “I am going to study Environmental Science and Technology at Wageningen University in The Netherlands. I am immensely grateful for Mrs Webster and Miss Nolan who have helped me gain scholarship and all of the inspirational, passionate and dedicated teachers I've been lucky enough to have throughout my time at Trident.”  Mrs Webster comments that “it is always a privilege to work with our hard working and curious Statistics scholarship students. I love their thirst for learning and connections they make with real life contexts. Congratulations to Linette, and I look forward to working with another fabulous crew of statistical thinkers this year.”

Miss Nolan says she “was extremely pleased to hear that not one but TWO of my students had gained a scholarship in Earth and Space Science.  In 2019 we did some weekend classes while I was on maternity leave and then picked these up again during lunchtimes when I returned Term 3 last year.  The exam has three essays to write and has a resource booklet which students are to use to write their essays. The content of the exam comes from both Level 2 and 3 Earth and Space Science so our students need to be very familiar with the key concepts in those courses and then be able to apply them to an unknown context.  Linette and Bailey were very diligent in their preparation for this exam and would complete past scholarship exam essays so that I could mark it providing them with feedback. Both students were capable of achieving the scholarship, so it was amazing to hear that they had achieved it particularly with Bailey being a Year 12 student.”

Bailey Rackham was Year 12 last year when she gained not one but two Scholarships - one in Earth Space Science and another in Geography.  Bailey says she would “ like to thank Mrs Farrell and Miss Nolan, my scholarship teachers for each of the subjects. I am planning on taking the same scholarship exams as well as trying some more science ones this year.  In 2021 I am planning on going to university and completing a Bachelors of Science.”

Mrs Farrell says Bailey did exceptionally well to gain a scholarship in Geography as a Year 12 student. “She had to learn a lot about geopolitical issues and perspectives and apply these in a variety of ways as well as predicting what the likely impact of sea level rise on people and environments will be. She quite rightly should feel very proud of her scholarship.”

Our 2020 Head Girl, Nicole Curtis, is demonstrating her leadership skills, leading by example.  In her Level 2 year Nicole gained Scholarship in PE and Health.  As she plans to become part of the Hillary Outdoors Team when she leaves school, this is a great area to already be excelling in.  “I want to thank Mr Stanhope for his time, encouragement, passion and dedication towards my study. I loved the enthusiasm he brought to each and every meeting, which enabled me to have the dedication to strive further!”

Mr Stanhope is ecstatic about Nicole’s achievement “I am so very proud of Nicole gaining PE & Health Scholarship. Gaining scholarship is a long process that requires resilience, dedication, sacrifice of time as well as academic rigor. Nicole has demonstrated all these traits and then some. What is even more remarkable is that she was a Year 12 when she submitted the paper.  Well done Nicole, the whole PE & Health Department are extremely proud of you.”

Jack Collis is another of our dedicated students who gained Scholarship in Calculus in his Year 12 year.  He says “getting a calculus scholarship makes me a lot more confident in my own ability in maths. I would have been happy with making double digits on the exam let alone scoring 25.  I went into the exam with a pretty relaxed state of mind because I had the opportunity to do it again this year if I wanted to. The exam itself wasn’t as hard as the previous years but that does not mean it was easy, I believe I exerted more brain-power into that exam than I would have in all of my others combined.  I’d like to thank Mr Carroll for his support and for running the scholarship sessions every Tuesday afternoon, there is no way I would have done quarter as well if it wasn’t for those, and my peers for continuously encouraging me.”

Mr Carroll, Jack Collis’s teacher says that Calculus Scholarships are awarded to students who get high marks on a very difficult 3 hour mathematics exam. “The difficulty is such that getting about half of the marks is usually the cutoff for gaining a scholarship. The questions on the test are drawn broadly from the entire Level 3 mathematics curriculum, and students should expect to see material they've never seen before. Jack had to prepare by struggling through difficult problems and developing a broad set of strategies that he could use to approach unfamiliar mathematical situations. It's a big achievement (only the second such award in the school's history) and Jack should be very proud of his success.”

Gaining scholarship music for 2019 was really the icing on the cake for Leo, says Mr Spence, Leo Read’s music teacher.  Leo had earlier that year won a major concerto competition in Tauranga, gained his licentiate diploma on performance piano and successfully auditioned for a place in the performance degree (Trombone) at the New Zealand School of Music at Victoria University. I am very pleased for Leo who has been home-schooled all his life but came to Trident late last year to enable him to be able to complete the scholarship.

We thank all teachers who have worked hard to ensure our students are prepared for scholarship exams and portfolios and thank our students for dedicating time to put themselves into a position where their hard work can be recognised at the highest level.  We challenge our current senior students to continue the proud tradition we at Trident High School have of gaining NCEA scholarships.

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