Recycling pays! And it pays in trees!

Trident is proud to be in partnership with Paper4Trees whose mission is to see recycling bins in all classrooms around the country, and to get as many people as they can involved in waste minimisation and native tree planting!

Paper4trees is a waste minimisation and tree planting programme for NZ schools and preschools. They encourage schools to recycle their paper and cardboard by providing 30 litre recycling bins (free of charge) for every room that generates paper and cardboard waste. When these bins are full, the contents are emptied into the schools main kerbside recycling collection bin, or taken to the local recycling centre. As an incentive for diverting as much paper and cardboard from landfill as possible, they reward each school with one native tree/plant for every two cubic metres of paper and cardboard recycled. The native trees are sourced from 30 different native tree nurseries around the country so we can ensure that trees are sourced locally. 

Trident has been taking part in this fantastic initiative for a decade now and in the last year we have earned 34 native trees which our fabulous gardener has just planted around the school. Julie has collected many trees and thousands of dollars worth over the 10 years which she chooses according to her planting plan from Coastlands Plant Nursery. The trees have created noise reducing buffers for our neighbours and leafy outlooks all around the school. Julie takes pride in our schools gardens and it shows, throughout the entire school we have thoughtful green spaces that provide shade, interest and a beautiful outlook. Julie says trees and plants have to be hardy as they withstand the knocks from sports games that are started around the grounds at lunchtime, she has chosen well as the plantings look great year round.

Julie busy making our grounds a beautiful green space!

Julie would like to remind students and teachers to keep up the good work with recycling and to appreciate their school surrounds that are tribute to that good work.

Thank you to Julie for keeping Trident green and beautiful!

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