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Today we look at how well resourced the Trident PE and Health department is!  The resources that this department have are spread over much of the total school grounds so no matter how many PE classes are running at once, everyone has their own space.  A big well done to the PE and Health teachers who ensure all these resources are well respected and maintained.

The Turf

Trident boasts a large astroturf where our students play hockey and tennis.  It is well utilised year round and boasts all day sun so even in winter it is booked up most days.  The turf is available for the public to hire through our website.


The gymnasium features a rockwall that regularly has students challenging their strength and agility to climb to new spots.  

Gymnasium and Auditorium

Our large gymnasium and adjoining auditorium are perfect for year round indoor sports and skill based sessions.  It is regularly set up for volleyball, badminton, basketball, multisport and netball. These spaces are available for hire through our website.

Large field

Games of touch, rugby, soccer and athletics track and field events are all possible on our large school field.  Trident regularly hosts other schools for inter - school games and there is enough space for several different games to be played at once.  Every lunchtime students are able to book out sports equipment from the sports co-ordinators office and this gear is used every lunchtime, with students playing different sports across the field.  Our field is well looked after by our groundsmen who ensure it always looks green and lush!

Basketball court

Behind the auditorium is an outdoor basketball court where students practice their slam dunks and challenge each other to games, using the skills they have learnt in PE classes.  

Volleyball sandpit

For all our keen beach volleyball players we have a specially made sand pit that gets year round use.


Weights and gym room

With the new addition of a rowing machine to the weights room our students are able to train hard and build muscle to improve their strength for specific sports.

Fleet of surfboards and boogie boards

Having the opportunity to learn to surf and board board when living in our area is important! Trident has a fleet of boogie boards and soft top longboards that are ideal for beginner surfers.  Already this term our PE Outdoor classes have been using them at West End.

Fleet of mountain bikes

The Bay of Plenty has many fantastic mountain bike tracks and a dedicated mountain bike park at Onepu.  Our fleet of mountain bikes enables students to have access to this sport, which would otherwise be difficult for those not living within biking distance to school.

Fleet of kayaks

Trident’s fleet of kayaks and purpose built trailer means our students are able to take advantage of the waterways that surround our area.  

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