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Senior Management Internship

A new initiative that was introduced this year sees a member of our Trident staff apply to take on an Internship as a member of the Senior Management Team for a year. This year we have Ms Wildash who has taken on the role and has started this term. She has taken on new projects such as ‘Positive School Culture’ which incorporates our anti-bullying policy and ‘Developing Student Leadership Throughout the School’. The idea of this internship is to support staff in building professional skills and providing the experience to do so which is important in career progression for teachers. The internship benefits the school in that we are building professional capacity within our staff.

Ms Wildash returned to Trident at the start of the year from three years in Rarotonga where she was teaching Social Science and English. She is ready to take on a new challenge and believes she will have a positive impact at Trident through her implementation of these new projects. She is looking forward to learning new skills from our Senior Management Team and working with more staff and students across the school. “This is an innovative programme I have been offered to be a part of and I am thankful for the opportunity to support our Trident community in this new pathway”.

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