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2020 has undoubtedly been a year where we as educators have faced more challenges in addressing new ways to teach and learn than ever before. At Trident High School we have always looked to how we can best support our students learning so essentially, this years challenge was no different. As we face the uncertainty of knowing if we will have to return to teaching and learning remotely, we are confident that we have tools and systems in place to best support our students to continue to be the best they can be should that eventuate.

The Education Gazette, New Zealand’s source of education news, articles and career development opportunities for education professionals featured Trident High School in an article about how we have worked hard to ensure minimal disruption for our students learning during Covid-19. Our students are well supported should they need to be learning remotely as the platform they are using in already being used classrooms can be accessed from home.

We are proud to be leading the way and thank The Education Gazette for showcasing the hard work our staff have put into ensuring our students learning opportunities are second to none. Kia Manawa Nui.

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