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Our Trident PE and Health Department run an exciting set of programmes where there is something for everyone.  From Sport and Exercise Science to Practical PE to Scuba Diving, this department is diverse in their offerings and has enthusiastic teachers who are dedicated to supporting our students to be the very best they can be.  

Their Vision aligns with our Trident values:

“We show Quality Work, Respect for Others and Courage by nurturing Trident Akonga to show RESILIENCE, possess a lifelong relationship with Physical Activity through HAUORA and SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY with a sense of INQUIRY'

The PE and Health departments vision is holistic in its approach to success and fosters a more socially responsible student who understands how their well being is affected through physical activity while promising to help students develop a sense of inquiry and become more resilient.  

Programmes on offer have been re-developed over the past two years to best suit our students and cater to their needs, giving them the best opportunity to find success.  The success of the programmes rolled out in 2018 - both academically and in terms of student participation - has led to extensions of those programmes for 2019 and the department and students alike are excited about these new programmes.  Our PE and Health Department are not just stars at Trident but are also leaders in their field in New Zealand. Following the success of the department, The Education Gazette got in touch with HOD Mr Stanhope to discuss how Trident has developed their programmes to be inclusive and align with our school values.  The article in the Gazette is was well received and we are sure other schools will be using ideas from this to improve their own departments. The article can be found here.

When entering the PE and Health department during any given lesson you will find engaged students working in many different ways - from dissecting sheep hearts to learn about this vital organ in PE Sport and Exercise Science to developing skills in Volleyball to writing a report based on a personal improvement program on how students have developed a range of different skills, techniques and strategies in a range of different sports.  

A staff member has recently shared her experience of the department and heaped praise to HOD Mr Stanhope in response to what she saw when entering the department:

“Today I needed to find Mr Moore and so I had the opportunity to walk through 5 PE classes. I was so impressed by what I witnessed. Every single class I happened to walk through (Yours, Miss Howe, Mrs Emery, Mr Camburn and Mr Moore’s) were engaged, vibrant and focussed. Every student was in uniform, paying attention to the teacher's instruction and the teachers looked good too! Miss Howe stepped out of her class to help, Mrs Emery settled her class and was warm and helpful, Mr Camburn did not see me but he had students fully engaged in tutoring shotput and Mr Moore was engrossed in a theory lesson. If I had been a stranger walking through the school, I would have wanted my children to come to this school. It looked like a slick, professional and energetic department. Well done! I am not sure if you get feedback on how well you are doing in your department, so I wanted to let you know what it felt like to visit you and your staff today.”

It is this sort of feedback that inspires and encourages our teachers, helps them to feel successful and appreciated as they consistently work hard both in and outside of school for our students.

Below we hear from our teachers who specialise in their programmes and explore some of what we have on offer through the PE and Health Departments.

Sport and Exercise Science Level 1, Level 2 and Level 3

"Trident’s Physical Education and Health Department are committed to push learning way beyond just credit gathering. We believe that if students are excited by what they learn, the credits and academic success will look after themselves.

In 2018 we launched our Level 2 Sport and Exercise Science Course (2PES) with its aim being to offer students who have a strong desire to study Physical Education to an advanced level, a platform to be challenged academically and inspired by the environment in which they learn.

During 2018 the 2PES course completed a range of different assessments which saw students study how the body functions and moves, sports psychology and sports sociology to an advanced level.

For part of the course the students visited the Velodrome in Cambridge to meet the NZ Cycling Team and had the opportunity to see their world class facilities and speak to the sports scientists and athletes.

The class also visited The Adam’s Centre for High Performance in Tauranga and again were exposed to world class facilities and experts in their field.

The student successes at the end of the year were exceptional which led to the roll out of PE Sport and Exercise Science to NCEA Level 1 and 3 for 2019.

This course will continue to evolve with Scuba Diving being introduced at Level 3 this year and Level 1 shaping up to be an inspiring, exciting course. Students and staff are very passionate about its potential and development over the next few years."

PE Practical Level 1, Level 2 and Level 3

"Trident Physical Education and Health Department pride ourselves on offering courses to students that fit their personality, learning style and academic profile.

In 2018 we launched our Level 2 PE Practical Course with its aim being to offer a more practical based course which could support students who needed some extra time and support with the literacy aspects of the course.

During 2018 the 2PEP course completed a range of different assessments which included a 100km charity bike ride event which the students trained for and planned. This allowed them to gain NCEA Credits in the Achievement Standard ‘Demonstrate understanding of the application of biophysical principles to training for physical activity’ as well as the Achievement Standard ‘Examine the implementation and outcome(s) of a physical activity event or opportunity’

Additionally the class visited the Adrenalin Forest High Ropes for the Achievement Standard ‘Analyse the application of risk management strategies to a challenging outdoor activity’.

The student successes at the end of the year were exceptional which led to the roll out of PE Practical to NCEA Level 1 and 3 for 2019.

This course will continue to evolve and students and staff are very excited about its potential over the next few years."

Outdoor Education

"The Outdoor Education programme focuses on teaching students to develop their interpersonal skills through social responsibility in the outdoors.  Students are asked to push their personal boundaries and learn how to extend the hand of friendship to support others. They participate in local place based activities like surfing, mountain biking, and tramping so that they develop life long skills, understand the history and recognise of the beauty of their local area. They are extended to Mountain Bike 84 km on one of New Zealand’s Heritage rides, run through the dark with only headlights in the Rotorua Redwoods, Adventure Race as a team in Manawahe and experience the alpine environment.

Every activity is about building the individual, so that when they leave Trident they are confident, resilient students who are not afraid to take chances. They understand that making mistakes is ok, because they know that if they try again and work hard they will achieve."

Scuba Diving - Level 3 Physical Education

"This year we have introduced an amazing and very exciting opportunity for our Level 3 Physical Education students. After meeting with Dive Zone at our Careers expo, we were given information regarding the PADI Open Water Dive certificate that we could offer to our students. Mr Camburn and Mrs Emery jumped at this opportunity for our Level 3 classes. We had 30 spaces available this year and have filled them all. Students taking part will be issued with an e-learning key and will undertake 15 hours of theory work as well as swim training. We will be travelling to Tauranga for a pool training day, Rotoma for the Lake Dive day and back to Tauranga for the Ocean Dive (all done in Term 1). The PADI course is worth 7 Unit Standard Credits and we are also attaching 8 Achievement Standard credits to the training phase.

Next year we will look at offering the Open Water Qualification to Year 12’s and Year 13’s with the intention of then offering the PADI Advanced Open Water certificate in 2021. We plan to look into the possibility of visiting one of the seven natural wonders of the world and taking a group to Great Barrier Reef in Australia to dive in the coming years."

What lucky students we have to be able to take the opportunities afforded them by our PE and Health Department! Well done to the department for ensuring our students have the best opportunities in their education at Trident High School.

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