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Trident Students get 13 NCEA Scholarships!

Updated: Feb 11, 2021

Trident has a proud reputation of academic excellence and our 2020 scholarship results continue this tradition. We are pleased to announce Trident gained 13 scholarships across a wide range of subjects from 9 different students, 8 Year 13 students and 1 Year 12 student. Scholarships were awarded in Biology, Statistics, Painting, Calculus, English, Geography, Photography, EOS, with an Outstanding Scholarship awarded for both Painting and Photography. Scholarship is a national external assessment for top senior school students. Scholarship examines course material related to, and in extension to NCEA Level 3. Scholarship examinations are demanding and require students to demonstrate high level critical thinking and analytical skills, a comprehensive understanding of key content as well as advanced written language skills.

We congratulate the following students on their achievements:

Emily Robbie - Scholarships in Biology, Statistics and Painting

Bailey Rackham - Scholarship in EOS and Geography

Jack Ellery - Outstanding Scholarship in Painting and Scholarship in English

Jack Collis - Scholarship in Calculus

Tahliah Temple - Outstanding Scholarship in Photography

Matthew Lloyd - Scholarship in Geography

Jadon Probert - Scholarship in Photography

Ashmita Sharma - Scholarship in Biology

Ashley Pye - Scholarship in English

NZQA's intention is that 3% of the total number of Year 13 students in the country sitting Level 3 in each of the available subjects will be awarded a Scholarship, provided Scholarship standards are met. Of this 3% nationwide who gain a Scholarship pass, a small number, equating to approximately 0.5% nationwide will be accorded an Outstanding Scholarship.

Trident's proud history of gaining NCEA Scholarship must be see not only the students congratulated but also their teachers and our entire school programmes. While scholarships are awarded for specific subjects, a student's ability to think and work at this high level comes down to years of having their thinking challenged and extended through rigorous teaching programmes. On top of teaching programmes that enable students to reach their potential, many subject teachers also offer extra tuition outside of their class time to focus on extending ideas and skills. Our scholarship students all thank their teachers and the school for the opportunity to realise their potential and we thank our teaching staff for their dedication to enabling success at such a high level.

Principal Mrs Scott-Jones says "We are delighted at the range of subjects for which students gained scholarship as it demonstrates the level of teaching occurring right across the school. Those students who gained Outstanding Scholarship show extraordinary capacity to articulate complex concepts and fully develop original and creative ideas. Our schol programme for 2021 will be underway in the next few weeks and all staff are excited to extend our students through their teaching at this level".

We spoke to the group of students about their achievement and we are pleased that they are all beaming and excited about their scholarship news.

Emily Robbie, who gained the highest amount of scholarships -three scholarships across Biology, Statistics and Painting - says she is grateful to have had such great teachers who supported and helped greatly with the subjects she is so passionate about. This year she is off to Victoria University where she is beginning a Bachelor of Science majoring in Psychology, where she will pull on her Biology and Statistics skills. Her passion and evident skill in painting offers her a different way of thinking and one that she says is important for her in striving for balance in her passions.

Bailey Rackham, our 2020 Dux says she "would like to thank Mrs Nolan and Mrs Farrell for their teachings in EOS and Geography. I really enjoyed both the Scholarship sessions and the classes we have done over the last few years. As I am studying Earth Science and Ecology at University, these subjects will be of huge help for my future learning. I am very grateful to have had supportive teachers to help me achieve these scholarships."

Jack Ellery gained two scholarships, one Outstanding with 23/24 possible marks. He comments "whilst I am rapt with my scholarship results it would have been impossible without the assistance, guidance and mentoring from my teachers Glenn Barr and Adrienne Scott Jones, both of who provided resources and time both in and out of school. Having gained University Entrance in Statistics, I left the class in pursuit of another study line, devoting it to my art. My goal had always been to achieve Scholarship from my starting time at Trident, so I am enthralled to have completed such. My Artboard follows a multi-year identity progression, discussing how having little clue of my groundings to society, earth and the wider universe I was trapped in an existential battleground. Fighting the inherited emotional responses my parents blessed me with, transgressing to an attempt to escape identity structures altogether, to my final board being a dissolving of identity (as I felt myself in a lost grey area of who I am). My Boards encapsulate my physical, emotional and spiritual highs and lows of the past years. I was able to transfer ideas from Art to English and vice versa, enriching my understanding of both. Whilst my exploration of identity led to no final resolution as such, I am excited to continue this as I study a Bachelor of Fine Arts at Massey's Wellington Campus. Thank you to all my teachers and cohort, whom without I wouldn't have been able to achieve at such level".

Ashley Pye, who gained Scholarship in English as a Year 12 student and says "taking Scholarship in Year 12 was one of the best decisions I’ve made so far. Not only did it develop my knowledge in literature, but also enhanced my relationship with my teacher, Ms Bowe. I appreciate and thank her for all the hours she spent preparing us, the long conversations about the purpose of literature, and the well needed black coffee during schol sessions. With her help I can confidently go for scholarship again this year, and hopefully achieve higher!"

Art Folios from top to bottom: Tahliah Temple, Jack Ellery, Emily Robbie, Jadon Probert

Head of Art, Glenn Barr comments that the "Art Department had another awesome year in 2020, despite the impact of Covid, with four of our students gaining scholarships. We are extremely proud of Emily Robbie (Painting) and Jadon Probert (Photography) for gaining scholarships, as well as Tahliah Temple (Photography) and Jack Ellery (Painting), both of whom gained Outstanding Scholarships. These awards are testament to their great work ethic and commitment to the subject. This is of course reflected in the department staff, in particular Jeff Lee, Morgan Young (nee Prevette), Sherrie Thompson and Michelle Corbett, who gave freely of their time and knowledge to ensure that our students achieve above their potential".

We thank all teachers and students who elected to enter scholarship courses and congratulate those that gained Scholarship, it is truly a great conclusion for the end of high school for those who are school leavers.

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