Wellington Science Camp- Mokoia Savage-Kerei

Trident's Year 11 student Mokoia Savage - Kerei spent some of her school holidays in Wellington at a Science camp. We spoke to her to find out more about her adventure and congratulate her on her selection for the camp!
Can you tell us what the camp was about?
The camp was based on the STEM section which stands for Science-Technology-Engineering-Maths, this camp was originally designed for innovative young woman around New Zealand
How did you get selected for this camp?
While at school I received an email from my science teacher which basically informed me of the camp. I was quite interested, especially knowing that it was based on the STEM section, and knowing that it was an all girls trip I was intrigued to sign up.  Still, I was unsure if I really wanted to sign up, it took me about a week to decide whether I wanted to or not and with the help of family, I pushed myself to go for it. It was only 30 mins before the due time around 11:30pm, I gathered my courage to write a true and short essay on my interests and future. After a few months I had thought I didn’t make it in, but then out of nowhere I received an email saying I had made it in! I was in shock, yet super excited and I couldn’t wait to tell my family!
How many other students were on the camp with you?
There were 80 girls from all over NZ, including 2 other girls from Whakatane. We were split up into groups of 40 and went on the camp seperately (group 1 went for the first week in the holidays and I went with group 2 in the second week).
The camp was Wellington, where did you stay?
We stayed at a nice place called Silverstream Retreat, where the food was great and we also had our own bunk rooms which had at least 4 beds in each room, and decided on our own room mates. It was really cool because I was able to make new friends and share our similarities and differences.
What is your specific area of interest in science?
I would have to say Chemistry. I think Chemistry is fun because you get to experiment and do fun practical activities.
What did you learn on the camp?
I learnt a lot of new things, and visited heaps of places I never knew existed. I also learnt how to play mafia which is cool game to play with your friends, I also went to the beehive and met Chris Bishop too!

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