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Be Courageous.

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Head Boy 2019


Hi whanau I’m Seth.  It is a privilege to be representing Trident as Head Boy for 2019.

On my first day at Trident, I felt quite overwhelmed coming into a big school with more students than I could count, but the teachers and staff have contagious enthusiasm that spreads rapidly throughout the school and makes it a fun and safe environment to learn in.  The Trident community is a second family to me and provides me with a sense of purpose and a basis to get me to keep doing what I'm doing.

My favourite subjects are Drama and Dance, as these are the classes where I get to do what I love with others who have the same passion as I do. These are also the classes that I find my greatest success in and support the direction I want to head in when I leave school - acting and performing arts.  The thought of performing in front of an audience and entertaining them gives me a sense of accomplishment and a source of pride.

Outside of school I play UnderWater Hockey, work on Filmmaking and am a volunteer Firefighter. My voyage through Trident started four years ago and right from the start I have felt a sense of belonging to my school. The school constantly has new opportunities available to students and I’m always keen to get involved in something new and take advantage of these opportunities. 

My vision for Trident is to bring my set of skills and knowledge to the table and make my mark on Trident in 2019.  I want to be known as the Head Boy who got stuck in and represented the values of Trident High School.  In my position as Head Boy I not only want to lead, but create pathways for others to lead, with the values of Trident at the forefront - Respect for Others and Kia Manawa Nui.


Head Girl 2019


My name is Tia Pettifer and I am extremely honoured to have the privilege of being Head Girl at Trident High School for 2019. I was born in Whakatane, and have lived here for the whole of my life. I began my schooling at Thornton Primary, then Ohope Beach School, continued through to Whakatane Intermediate now I’m about to start my final year of High School. Through my years of school I have grown passionate about sport and love being actively involved with other people.  I love being part of a team and encouraging everyone. To me being Head Girl is not about the power or the title, it’s more about being the person that people can rely on and trust, and the person people feel comfortable to come to for guidance and support. I get a real buzz out of encouraging others and helping them achieve their goals. I love being able to celebrate other people’s success. I feel really strongly about the fact that you should always focus on the positive side of things and see the best in people. The areas of school where I excel in are Physical Education, Health and Sciences. This is lead me to work towards going to University and study medicine in 2020.

Outside of my studies, I play Volleyball and Tennis, am part of the Interact Club, I help at the breakfast club, and participate in fundraisers around our school.


Through my years at Trident I have come to notice the influence the Prefects and senior students have on the junior students. It’s my priority to increase positive junior participation within Trident. This can be done by making clubs such as Interact, Enviro, Health and events more visible around the school. I aim to encourage my fellow students to have courage to step out of their comfort zones and challenge themselves. I hope to help inspire individuals to reach just a little further to achieve their goals. I cannot wait to work alongside the 2019 prefect team to create fun and exciting events, fundraisers and concerts throughout the year. I also want to make sure student voices are not only heard and acknowledged but acted upon. I am super excited to try and implement everyones ideas to make 2019 the best year yet.

2019 Prefects

Head Boy - Seth Hands

Head Girl - Tia Pettifer

Maia Alexandre,

Te Kahu Apiata,

Jazmyn Brooking,

Emmalee Chapman,

Taryn Forbes,

Daniel Ford,

Cole Hands,

Ashlee Hiroki-Christian,

Rihari Jobe,

Tayla John,

Brodie Karaitiana,

Kaili'a Lee,

Linette Lengkeek,

Sasha Mackenzie,

Caity McGougan,

Arielle McMillan,

Zion Nicholas,

Maree Rouse,

Finn Spod,

Lachie Stokes,

Austyn Te Naiti,

Courtney Wilson,

Ngarangi Wharepapa-Morehu 

Prefect Leadership Portfolio’s

School Spirit

Tayla John

Arielle McMillan

Taryn Forbes

Cole Hands

School Promotion

Rihari Jobe

Daniel Ford

Emmalee Chapman

Jazmyn Brooking

Lachlan Stokes

Community Connections 

Linette Lengkeek

Kailia Lee

Maia Alexandre

Finn Spod

Courtney Wilson

Sasha Mackenzie

Pou Arahi Whetu 

Te Kahu Apiata

Ngarangi Wharepapa-Morehu

Austyn Te Naiti

Caity McGougan

Zion Nicholas

Brodie Karaitiana