Head Boy 2021


Kia ora, my name is Ben White and it’s an honour to be named Head Boy for 2021. I’ve been at Trident since 2017, back when I was a tiny year 9, and during my time here I’ve been involved in so many activities that have given me a massive appreciation for the school and the opportunities Trident has to offer. I have played football for Trident since Year 9, and in 2020 I was fortunate enough to be a part of the school Big Band, these experiences have given me a great appreciation for the values of teamwork and determination, values which I hope to carry forward into every aspect of school life.


One of the main concepts that is always mentioned at Trident is the idea of the school being one big whānau, and this something I strongly believe in. I want Trident to continue to be a place where students feel like they are accepted and encouraged to pursue their goals with the full support of the staff and their peers behind them. Through the initiatives I want to bring in this year, I hope to create a positive and inclusive learning environment at Trident. To me, success in this role would mean making a positive impact on the school and inspiring other students to try and do the same. I am very lucky to be working with an absolutely amazing prefect team this year, and I am confident that this year has the potential to be even better than the years before it.

I am incredibly grateful to be entrusted with this role.  I thank each and every person who has believed in me and helped me to get to this point, and I am excited to see what the future holds. I intend to uphold the school’s values and expectations, and look forward to helping to maintain Trident as a great and proud school. Kia Manawa Nui.


Head Girl 2021


Kia Ora, ko Hinemaringi ahau, I am Hinemaringi and I have the privilege of representing Trident High School as Head Girl for 2021.  

I came from a small school of 30 kids, in a bite sized village, where we didn’t have many opportunities to do much, including playing sports, because we didn’t have enough students to make any sports team, I never even knew what athletics was until year 7. Integrating into Trident High School was one of my biggest life challenges, I was coming into an environment where I knew no one and my confidence wasn’t the greatest in Year 9.  Over time, I eventually learned to step out of my comfort zone and was constantly being helped by our Trident whanau. Our Trident whanau create a welcoming and encouraging environment that make school a cool place to learn in and a fun school to be part of. I have gained endless support from our Trident whanau, and they have helped me achieve at high standards and set goals for myself. This amazing support has inspired me to accept the hard challenges and continue to strive for my goals and never give up. 

I was brought up with giving everything a try, so coming to Trident where there are so many opportunities to try new and different things has enabled me to gain extraordinary experiences throughout my time at Trident and I have learnt to be courageous and outgoing. I have represented Trident in multiple sporting events and have also represented New Zealand for sports, while still striving to pass my school years with Excellence Endorsements. I enjoy the different leadership roles at this school because they have taught me how to co-operate well with others and how to achieve goals as a team. This year my main ambition is to build stronger connections between the students and the teachers of this school. I know the experience of feeling scared and nervous as a year 9, so my aim would to ensure that the year 9's feel a sense of welcome and connection.

I hope to finish this year knowing I have made an impact on our students and our school. I hope to inspire others and to teach them that it shouldn’t matter where you come from, that if you work hard, don’t stop grinding and never give up you can achieve any goals you set yourself.  I want to be a great role model to our students and show them that it is possible to achieve high goals, and especially with the support of our Trident whanau. I want to ensure that this is an environment where people can feel comfortable to step out of their comfort zone and try new things. I believe with the support of our Trident whanau,  we can achieve these goals through listening and understanding one another and implementing our core values into daily habits.

It truely is an honour to have been given this opportunity to represent Trident High School as Head Girl and I am grateful to have been part of this wonderful Trident whanau over my years here at this school. I owe a big thank you to this place for allowing me to represent our school and hold such a great responsibility. Let’s make this year a year to remember and have courage to step up and out of our comfort zones. And hugest thank you to my mum for pushing me, I definitely wouldn’t have been here if wasn’t for her as well!

Kia manawa nui

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2021 Prefects

Head Boy - Ben White

Head Girl - Hinemaringi Scott

Deputy Head Boys:

Lukas Buchan

Holden Turner

Manu-Tapuke Waretini


Deputy Head Girls:

Amelia Jefferies

Shakira McDonald

Lyrical Hohua


SEC Prefects:

Katie Addenbrooke 

Neihana Henry


Haki Grant

Awhina Murphy

Te Rauwaenga Tuhura

Salisa Page

Te Raku Paul

Malachi Gerrard

Kataraina Steadman

Dani Daw

Ellie Van Dusschoten

Ashley Pye

Emily Forsyth

Thea Rickard

Ella-Rose Bain

Sasha Knight

Simon Prout

Niko Lillas

Draxell Hammond

Ben White

Sam Royal

Michael Esterhuizen

Ben Olifiers

Grace McDonald-Brown