Head Boy 2020


Hello, my name is Owen Hollowood and it is my honour and privilege to be given the opportunity to be Head Boy for Trident in 2020. I came to Trident in year nine scared and overwhelmed about the journey I was about to enter. But soon after, thanks to Trident whanau, these fears faded away, and I realised this school is a place where enthusiasm and pride flourish. Trident has come to be my second family, due to the endless encouragement and support I have encountered over the years. This support has given me the confidence and willpower to strive for the things I believe in and accomplish the goals I want to reach, getting me to where I am today. 


Outside of school, I've been brought up with everything football, but I also love getting involved with performing art projects such as school productions. Because of this, I have a great understanding of teamwork and the importance of it to achieve an objective. This year I am very excited to work alongside my perfect team for 2020 and can't wait to start implementing new initiatives into the school community. Trident is a school where the opportunities are endless so I challenge every student to go find their passion and soak up everything the school has to offer.


At Trident this year I want to finish the year knowing that I have made a positive impact on the future leaders of our Trident whānau. I hope to be able to inspire other students to reach their goals and strive for excellence both in and out of the classroom. I want to create an environment where every student feels safe and enjoy their high school experience so that they can get the most out of these wonderful years. I believe I can do this by sharing the skills and wisdom I have gathered over my years of being part of the trident whānau.   


Once again, it is an honour to be the Head Boy of Trident. I owe the people and this place so much and I thank you all for trusting me with this huge responsibility. I also pay thanks for believing in me to represent your strong voices and thoughts. We will work together on building pride and for ourselves and our school. Kia Manawa Nui.


Head Girl 2020


Hey team!  I'm Nicole Curtis and I'm extremely honoured to be representing Trident High School as Head Girl for 2020!

Trident has a very welcoming and encouraging vibe that makes it a fun and enthusiastic environment to be a part of and learn in, I know you will enjoy your time here as much as I do.  Trident constantly offers new and exciting opportunities available for all students to thrive in, and I am excited to work alongside the students and bring on a new adventure in 2020.


I am passionate about the Outdoors and my favourite subject has always been PE. I thrive in the Outdoors and I love encouraging others to participate and share in my love for sport and adventure. PE is the class I find my greatest success in and it supports the direction I want to head in when I leave school which is to become part of the Hillary Outdoors Team and become and instructor at Great Barrier Island, where I spent 5 weeks as a Year 10 student as part of the Great Barrier Island Programme.


Outside of school I take part in adventure racing around the area representing Trident. I am on the Multisport and Orienteering Teams and I volunteer for various environmental initiatives.  My passion for working in the community, and being actively involved with other people leads me to wanting to inspire students to get involved in more Trident school based activities to ensure their 2020 year is exciting and eventful.  Some examples I wish to encourage participation in this year are 'Donate Blood NZ', tree planting, Shave for a Cure and giving back to our community. 


I get a real buzz out of encouraging others and working alongside them to achieve their goals. This year I will encourage my fellow students to have courage to step out of their comfort zones and challenge themselves. I hope to inspire and work alongside them to support them to achieve their personal challenges.  In addition to this, I love being able to celebrate the success of others. I feel really strongly about the fact that you should always focus on the positive side of things and see the best in any situation. 


In my position as Head Girl, I look forward to working towards my own challenge -  to create new opportunities for others to grow and lead and look forward to all that 2020 has in store for us all. 

Kia Manawa Nui.

2020 Prefects

Head Boy - Owen Hollowood

Head Girl - Nicole Curtis

Deputy Head Boys:

Joshua Cairns

Jack Ellery

Deputy Head Girls:

Ashmita Sharma

Terenia Waitere

Prefect Team:

Finn Alison 

Aryan Anand

Rakau Belshaw

Tessa Dodson

Kate Duncan 

Kyle Galloway

Shauna Gray

Te Iwitoa Kruger-Taylor

Lorena Kuchenbecker

Alex Macdonald

Finn McCleary

Caleb Nelson

Chicane Paniora

Rosie Perfect

Carnell Perkinson

Tahliah Temple

Tyra Wanoa

Jasmine Westrupp

Khiarna Williams

Isobel Wotton


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