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A message from the Principal 

He karere mai te Tumuaki

Kia ora koutou katoa. Welcome.


It is my privilege to introduce you to Trident High School as you begin the important process of deciding on your secondary school education. At Trident our vision is to equip our students with the cognitive, interpersonal and personal competencies they need for success and to thrive in Aotearoa and globally, in the 21st century. This means students are supported with a future focused curriculum which empowers them to build new knowledge and solve real life problems in an authentic learning context. They are supported in their learning with a significant adult, their whanau ako teacher, and teachers and students are reciprocal in their learning. Student well-being, hauora, sits at the heart of all learning and pastoral decisions and students’ social, emotional and mental health needs are met in response to the challenges faced by rangatahi today.


At Trident, we live by our core values of Quality Work, Respect for Others and Kia Manawa Nui. 


Quality Work is simply a way of stating that you will always give your best in everything you do- you will strive to excel in the classroom, in your sports team, in arts and culture, in leadership and in every aspect of school life. We know at Trident that personal excellence comes in many different forms and we will support you to experience it in your areas of passion and strength. Quality Work becomes a way of being at our school which leads you to success. 


Respect for Others actually starts with yourself. We will support you to know and understand yourself and where you have come from, have confidence and resilience, and through your own strong sense of identity develop understanding, empathy and care for others. Respect sits at the heart of your relationships with your friends, peers, teachers, staff and all members of the Trident whanau and community beyond. Developing Respect for Others will help you to become a connected and empathetic citizen of Aoteaora.


Finally, Kia Manawa Nui is the call for courage which acknowledges that there are many challenges to overcome in order to achieve personal excellence. Courage is putting yourself forward to attempt unfamiliar, or difficult challenges in class or on the stage or on a sports field, knowing that you will be supported and encouraged by all those around you at our school. It may be shown in your school work, or your managing of everyday life, or building of relationships but one thing is certain - at Trident we will help you develop that courage.


When you join the Trident whanau you join a supportive and inclusive community who share the values that will help you to succeed.

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