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DRAWS- Week of 29 May 2023

PLEASE NOTE THAT DRAWS MAY CHANGE. Coaches or managers will inform players.

This weekend is Kings Birthday so some sports are taking a break.


Friday 2nd June - EBOP Senior Secondary School Qualifier Tournament- War Memorial Hall, Whakatane - 8.40am-2.30pm



Monday 29 May - EBOP Competition- War Memorial Hall

4:00pm -        Taoroa JNR Boys White vs WHS Jnr Boys B, Crt 1

4.00pm           Taoroa Jnr Boys Blue vs WHS Jnr Boys A, C2

4:45pm -        Trident Jnr Boys A vs Opotiki Jnr Boys, Crt 2

7.00pm -        SNR Boys A vs WHS Snr C, Crt 1

7.00pm -        Taoroa Snr Boys B vs Edgecumbe Snr Boys, Crt 2

Thursday 1st June - EBOP Competition- Ohope Hall

4.15pm           Jnr girls vs TKK Kohine

5.45pm           Snr girls vs Opotiki Snr girls


Wednesday 31 May- Tauranga Competition Trustpower Arena

6.40pm           C6   WHS Snr A boys vs Taoroa Boys B

6:40pm           C9   TPHS Snr Girls vs  Trident Snr Girls A


QE Stadium

6.40pm           C2   Trident Snr A boys vs Waihi College A boys

Trident Junior A boys          BYE



Wednesday 31 May

4.00pm         Tri Snr Ladies vs MMC Girls 1st XI, Tri F1



Tuesday 30 May

6.45pm         Trident 1st XI boys vs RLHS 1st  XI, Rotorua turf

5.30pm         Trident 1st XI girls vs RLHS 1st XI, Rotorua turf


Thursday 1 June

 5.30pm        Trident 2nd XI girls vs Te Koutu, Rotorua turf



Harbourside Competition Tauranga- Friday 2 June

6.30pm         Trident Prem 1 vs TGC Premier, C10

6.30pm         Trident Prem 2 vs BC Prem 1, C13

7.40pm         Trident Prem 3 vs Papamoa A, C12




No games due the holiday


 RESULTS- Week of 22 May 2023


Monday 22 May - EBOP Competition
Taoroa JNR Boys White vs Jnr Boys A                                 Won
Snr Boys A vs WHS Snr B                                                       Won 81-25
Taoroa SNR Boys B vs Te Whanau a Apanui                       Won 59-17
Taoroa Jnr Boys Blue vs TKK Tama                                       Lost 13-35

Thursday 25 May - EBOP Competition- Ohope Hall
Tri Jnr girls vs Opotiki girls A                            Friendly game
Tri Snr girls vs WHS Snr girls A                          Won 37-28


Wednesday 17 May- Tauranga Competition - Trustpower Arena
TBC White vs Trident Junior Boys A                                             Won 115-62
MMC SNR Prem Girls vs Trident Senior Girls                         Friendly Game


Te Kura Kaupapa Maori O Te Koutu  vs Trident Senior Boys A   Lost 62-64
BC Senior B Boys TAOROA Snr Boys B                                            Lost 37-61    



Trident Youth Boys vs Lakes FC 16                                      Lost 3-5
Tri Snr boys vs Bethlehem Boys 1st XI                                Drew 1-1
Trident Yth Ladies blue vs Papamoa Girls Dev                   Drew 0-0

Youth Boys vs Otumoetai 3rd XI                                           Won 8-1

Junior Boys vs Whakatane High School                               Drew 2-2


Tuesday 23 May
Trident 1st XI girls vs TNT 2nd XI                                     Won 4-2
Trident 1st XI boys vs WHHS 1st XI                                  Won 6-0

Thursday 25 May
Trident 2nd XI girls vs WHS 2nd XI                                 Postponed

Harbourside Competition Tauranga- Friday 26 May
Trident Prem 1 vs MMC Prem 1                                  Won 53-24
Trident Prem 2 vs WHS Prem 1                                    Won 41-29
Trident Prem 3 vs AC Junior A                                      Lost 30-45

Whakatane Competition- Saturday 27 May
Trident Prem 1 V  TPOOM 1                                                             Won 27-18
Te Wharekura o Ruatoki: TWOR Teina V Trident Blue                   Lost 10-35
TKKH V Trident Prem 3                                                                       Lost 21-24
Trident Prem 3 V Paroa Wheke                                                        Won 34-19

Tri u16s boys vs Tauranga boys u15 white                       Won 72-  0
Tri u14 boys vs RBHS u14 boys                                           Lost 14-15
Tri 1st XV vs WHHS 1st XV                                                  Won 18-17




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