19 June 2022

DRAWS - Week of 20 June 2022


Monday 20 June- EBOP Competition War Memorial Hall

4:00pm     Trident JNR Boys A vs WHS b

                   Trident JNR Boys BLUE vs Tarawera

6.15pm     Trident JNR GIRLS vs WHS Jnr

                   Trident SNR GIRLS vs Oriini

7:00pm     Trident SNR Boys A vs Edgecumbe

8:30pm     Trident SNR Boys BLUE vs Te Kura Kokiri 


Wednesday 22 June - Tauranga Competition-Trust Power Arena

5:30pm      Trident JNR BOYS vs TBC White

6:50pm      Trident SNR BOYS A vs BC 

                    Trident SNR BOYS Blue vs WHS 

                    Trident SNR Girls vs TKK 

BYE              Trident JNR Girls

Thursday- Saturday  Junior A boys & Senior A boys- Gisborne Tour

Friday 24 June

10.00am    Trident JNR A boys vs Gisborne Boys

11.30am    Trident SNR A boys vs Gisborne Boys

4.00pm      Trident JNR A boys vs Gisborne Boys

5.30pm      Trident SNR A boys vs Gisborne Boys

Saturday 25 June

1.30pm      Trident JNR A boys vs Hasting Boys

3.00pm      Trident SNR A boys vs Hasting Boys


Tuesday 21 June

BYE             Trident 2nd XI girls

5.45pm      Trident 1st XI girls vs JPC 1st XI, Rotorua turf

Wednesday  22 June

5.00pm      Trident Blue Mixed vs WIS Girls, Whakatane turf

Thursday 23 June

5.45pm      Trident 1st XI boys vs RBHS 1st XI, Rotorua



Wednesday 22 June

3.45pm      Trident 1st XI Ladies vs Otumoetai 1st XI, Trident F1

BYE             Trident 2nd XI girls 

3.30pm      Trident Junior boys vs MMC Junior boys 1st XI, Mount College


Saturday 25 June

10.45am     Trident Youth Boys vs Bethlehem 2nd XI, Bethlehem F2



Monday 20 June

3.30pm       Trident u16 girls vs MMC u16 girls, at Trident F1

4.10pm       Trident u18 girls vs MMC u18 girls, at MMC F1

Tuesday 21 June

3.30pm       Trident u14s boys vs Papamoa u14 boys, at Papamoa F1

Wednesday 22 June

3.30pm       Trident u16 boys vs WHS u16 boys, Trident F1

Thursday 23rd June

4.00pm     Trident 1st XV vs Te Taumata, Aquinas F1

19 June 2022


RESULTS - Week of 13 June 2022



EBOP Competition 

W0N 66-18     Trident JNR Boys A vs Opotiki 

W0N 76-2       Trident JNR GIRLS vs Opo Jnrs 

W0N 39-30     Trident JNR Boys BLUE vs  Ruatoki 

W0N 56-9       Trident SNR GIRLS vs Opo Snrs 

W0N 70-28     Trident SNR Boys BLUE vs Edgecumbe 

WON 47-39    Trident SNR Boys A vs Whs A


Tauranga Competition 

LOSS 38-80     Trident Jnr girls vs Rotorua Girls High

WON 65-11    Trident Snr girls vs Otumoetai girls

WON 104-41  Trident Junior A boys vs Katikati

LOSS 66-71     Trident Sen boys blue vs TBC blue

LOSS 72-90     Trident Sen A boys vs TBC gold 



WON 4-0       Trident 2nd XI girls vs RLSH

WON 3-1       Trident 1st XI girls vs WHS 1st XI

WON 2-0       Trident 1st XI boys vs WHS 1st XI


WON 3-2        Trident 1st XI Ladies vs WHS 1st XI

DREW 0-0      Trident 2nd XI girls vs Opotiki

LOSS 0-1         Trident Youth boys vs WHS 1st XI


LOSS 10-32     Trident u16 girls vs Papamoa u16 girls

LOSS 20-37     Trident u18 girls vs WHS u18 girls

LOSS 5-64       Trident u14s boys vs WHHS u14 boys, WHHS f2

LOSS 13–34    Trident 1st XV vs WHHS 1st XV



LOSS 45-56      Taoroa vs Ngongotaha

Tauranga competition

WON 48-17     Trident Prem 2 vs TGC SEN A

LOSS 29-35      Trident Prem 3 vs TGC JUN A


Trident Junior Open UWH team won bronze at the Northern Zone Qualifier Tournament. This win secures them a spot in the National Champs.