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22 August

DRAWS- Week of 22 August 2022

Please note that draws may change.



Monday 21 August-

BOP Competition, War Memorial Whakatane


5:50pm           SNR GIRLS vs TKK Crt 1 Tm B

6:40pm           SNR BOYS BLUE vs TKK Crt 2 Tm A

7:30pm           SNR BOYS A vs Whs Crt 1 Tm A


Wednesday 24 August- Tauranga Competition


6.40pm          JNR BOYS vs TBC White

Trust Power Arena

5:30pm          FINAL SNR GIRLS vs TKK 
                       JNR GIRLS vs MMC
6:50pm          SNR BOYS A vs Waihi
                       SNR BOYS BLUE vs Tauranga Boys Blue



Wednesday 24 August

3.30pm          FINAL Trident 2nd XI girls vs Opotiki College, Trident

3.45pm          Trident 1st XI girls vs WHS 1st XI, Trident F1


Saturday 27 August

10.30am        Trident Junior boys vs TBC B, Trident F2

10.00am        Trident Youth boys vs TBC White, Trident F1



Tuesday 23 Aug

6.45pm          FINAL Trident 2nd XI girls vs Taupo Nui a Tia, Roto turf
5.45pm          3rd/4th Trident 1st XI girls vs Ruamata 1st XI, Roto turf 2

Thursday 25 Aug

5.45pm          FINAL Trident 1st XI boys vs WHS 1st XI, Whk Turf




Friday 26 August, Harbourside

6.30pm          FINAL Trident Prem 1 vs TGC Prem 1

                        FINAL Trident Prem 2 vs MMC Prem 2

7.40pm          FINAL Trident Prem 3 vs KKC Prem 1


22 August 2022


RESULTS- Week of 15 August 2022


EBOP Competition


WON  59-29              JNR Boys Blue vs Opo
WON  111-58            JNR Boys A vs Whs
WON  127-43            JNR Girls vs Opo

Trident Junior Boys A WINNERS of Junior Boys Grade 2022
Trident Junior Girls    WINNERS of Junior Girls Grade 2022
Trident Junior Boys Dev = Bronze


Tauranga Competition

WON 77-44               SNR BOYS BLUE vs Katikati 
WON 91-77               SNR BOYS A vs BC
LOST 25-47                JNR GIRLS vs RGHS
WON 106-50             JNR BOYS vs TBC Development 
WON 37-16               SNR GIRLS vs Te Puke



Bye                             Trident 2nd XI girls

WON                          Trident 1st XI girls vs WHS 1st XI     



WON                         Trident 2nd XI girls vs Tauhara
LOST 1-3                   Trident 1st XI girls vs JPC 1st XI
WON 3-1                  Trident 1st XI boys vs RBHS 2ND XI




WON 41-27               Trident Prem 1 vs Aquinas Prem 1

WON 53-34               Trident Prem 2 vs BC Prem 1


Whakatane Competition-Finals

WON                          Trident Prem 1 vs Opotiki

LOST                           Trident Prem 2 vs Paroa AJs

WON                          Trident Prem 3 vs WHK Senior

LOST                           Trident Prem 4

Trident Prem 1 =      WINNERS Overall Prem Grade

Trident Prem 2 =      RUNNERS UP Prem A Grade

Trident Prem 3 =      WINNERS B Grade

Trident Prem 4 =      RUNNERS UP Collegiate 2 grade



U16 Mike Delany Cup:

LOST                         Mount College U16 v Trident U16 

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