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Anna Heath

Anna Heath is a local chiropractor who begun Eastern Bay Chiropractic here in Whakatane and now has another clinic in Opotiki.  Anna left Trident in 2000 and lucky for Whakatane has returned here to practice chiropractic.  

During her time at Trident Anna immersed herself into extra curricular sports which she has fond memories of, and especially mentions Mrs Helen Dobbin as her favourite teacher who instilled her passion for the outdoors in Anna.  Through Mrs Dobbin’s Outdoor Education classes Anna came to enjoy mountain biking and multisports. As a member of the Trident Moto X team, Anna spent many weekends busy with racing, and also played ‘Goal Keep’ in the senior Football team.  While she says she was academically an average student, she took advantage of a range of subjects such as Design, Painting and Science classes.  

After leaving school, Anna begun her chiropractic studies by starting with the Pre-Chiropractic course, then completed 4 years at Chiropractic College.  This was followed by 2 years of post-graduate studies and of those 7 years of study which she says hasn’t been easy, the years flew by as she was truly passionate about what she was doing.  Anna is passionate about working with, and learning about the human body, and during her studies she did well as her grades reflected her passion for what she was learning.

A love for her hometown and knowing that she wants to offer her future family the same lifestyle and community in Whakatane that she enjoyed growing up in meant she inevitably returned home.  She says Whakatane has a community with forward thinking people with an interest in health and wellbeing so it meant setting up her business was relatively straight forward. At the end of 2015 Anna returned to Whakatane and began the process of starting her first Chiropractic practice here in Whakatane.  Opening the doors in April 2016 quickly led to a solid clientele and in September 2016 her practice was awarded ‘The Easter Bay Chamber of Commerce Emerging Business of the Year’ award. Her practice has gone from strength to strength and with demand it has grown to include a second clinic in Opotiki, 3 additional Chiropractors and 4 administration staff.  

Having practiced Chiropractic for years now, Anna says she is ‘wowed’ daily at the amazing human body with its ability to function and heal.  Her primary practice currently lies with treating pregnant women and paediatric patients (babies).

With a keen interest in keeping connected with Trident, Anna is happy to have students who are interested in learning more about Chiropractic to come and observe her in practice and encourages students to attend an open day at the Chiropractic College in Auckland to learn more about this exciting and rewarding career.  

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Anna Heath

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