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Students specialise in their subject choice by choosing options which will allow them to develop their knowledge in a particular subject.   All of these subjects are entry points to year 11 and Level 1 NCEA subjects.  Students need to ensure that they work consistently throughout the year to gain entry to the course in Year 11.

These options are offered in three groups.  Students choose one subject from each group as shown on the Subject selection form.

Select one

Select two


As a career, Art is of benefit for advertising, marketing, industrial, interior, photographic or graphic design, website design, secondary school teaching, primary teaching, architecture, museum or gallery work, landscape architecture, film/television/video technicians, film animation, fashion designing, jewellery making, sign writing, screen printing or any other field which requires creative thinking.

This is a practical course that covers units of work in drawing, painting, and print-making.  The course is designed to build and develop technical skill, self-expression and confidence in making art works.


Mr Barr


Languages are of particular value in people related jobs: tourism, translator, interpreter, journalism, television, radio, teaching foreign languages, tourism, flight attendant, foreign affairs officer.



Te Reo


Learn about the culture of sushi, the way of tea and the language of manga and anime.  Dive deep into things Japanese and learn the language and culture of another realm!


This course builds on the Year 9 course developing the students’ skills in communication through listening and speaking.  In Year 10, the students will be introduced to the 3 writing systems hiragana, katakana and kanji and begin to develop their reading and writing skills.  Through learning Japanese, students will discover new ways of learning, new ways of knowing, and more about their own language and capabilities. Students have the opportunity to travel to Japan as part of the Japan Tour in 2024 visiting Kamagaya, our sister city and travelling to top tourist spots such as Kyoto, Nara, Osaka and Hiroshima.

Subject Head:

Mrs Harison 


The Year 10 Te Reo Māori course is a stepping stone towards NCEA Level 1 Te Reo Māori.  The focus is on developing skills in writing, reading, speaking and listening.  Elements of tikanga are also covered to develop the students understanding of the Māori World.  Regional and National Māori issues are also looked at to help students better understand the world they live in.


Mr McLean


Learn about the culture of Spain and other Spanish speaking countries. Investigate the Day of  the Dead celebrations in Mexico and the links to popular culture.

This course revises the knowledge and skills gained in Year 9, and further develops a students’  ability to communicate in Spanish preparing them for entry into Level 1 Spanish. Students will have the opportunity to continue to improve  their ability to write, read and speak in Spanish. Through learning Spanish students will learn  more about their own world, language and culture, and build their confidence in learning a  second language.

Opportunities for Extension


Students in the Spanish class will have the opportunity to be part of the 2025 Arts and Culture Tour to Europe.  Part of this tour is to spend time in Spain experiencing the culture, language, art, architecture and  history of Spain.  Students will have the opportunity to experience a flamenco dance show, go to a major football stadium and spend some time using their language while shopping and wandering around a Spanish city.

Subject Head:

Ms Deeley


Select one - the other half will be the technology rotation


This course is a consolidation of the introduction to music in Year 9.  Listening, composing and performing skills will be developed.  A variety of classroom musical instruments will be available and students may wish to learn an instrument through the itinerant music Teacher programme.  Students taking Music are able to work in the wider music environment of the Trident Music Academy which includes the Big Band, Trident Vocals, Orchestra, Percussion ensemble, Rock Band as well as the participation in a variety of concerts, competitions – both Regional and National.  Students in the Academy are also able to advance their learning to the next level on the advice of the teachers.


Mr Kim


The Trident Junior Sports Academy is a sport-focused programme targeted at aspiring our high-performing student athletes. This half-year course will allow students to experience high level teaching, coaching and training to help develop athletes and prepare them for Trident’s Sport Academy in Years 11-13. With specialised and specific coaching students will develop knowledge about athletic development (strength and conditioning), hauora, coaching and cover all areas of physical health and wellbeing.


Mr Stanhope


An introduction to basic Economics and Business Studies and a pathway to the NCEA Level 1 Course.  Focus on key concepts and terms – the economics of scarcity, choice and demand, marketing, entrepreneurship, sustainability, production and financial literacy.  This course prepares students for further study in Business Studies at senior level.

Subject Head:

Mrs Walters


The Year 10 Programme involves practical and theory work based on the history of Whakairo. The aim of this class will be for the students to create a portfolio of all their art and whakairo work to be displayed at the end of their programme. There are 10 Level 1 credits available with the satisfactory completion of this course. The lessons will involve Māori tikanga practices that consist of karakia.  The students will explore two and three dimensional drawings and create designs for their project. Students will be required to do research on the origins of Whakairo and Māori Art, in particular, kowhaiwhai, tukutuku and whakarei patterns. The students will also learn how to create a piece of carving from the designs that they have created. Selected pieces of work will be put forward to display at Art exhibitions.

Subject Head:

Mr Waaka


This is a practical course that covers units of work in drawing, painting, and print-making.  The course is designed to build and develop technical skill, self-expression and confidence in making art works.


Mr Barr


This course allows students to explore different skills in communication of ideas and ways of expressing language and movement.  The course will introduce students to presentation skills, performance work based on plays, dance and performing arts technical aspects like lighting, costume and makeup.  There are many opportunities to develop performance skills, and practical skills within this course and all assessments are based on the current New Zealand Curriculum.

Subject Teacher

Mr Garner


This subject takes the student on an adventure to learn more about Māori Culture taking into account local and regional history and the importance it has within the school and wider community.  The journey takes into consideration a practical understanding of Arts and Crafts (Ta Moko, Whakairo), Leisure Activities (Ki-o-rahi, Waka Ama), and Māori Performing Arts.  We also seek to enhance, develop and empower the students’ leadership skills to do well in everything they undertake.  Ko te manu e kai ana i te miro nona te ngahere. Ko te manu e kai ana i te matauranga nona te ao.  The bird that eats the miro the forest is theirs.  The bird that gathers knowledge, the world is theirs.

Subject Teacher

Mr Waka


This is an extension choice subject beyond the core classes with a focus on connecting with our local community through leadership as well as preparation for NCEA Physical Education.

Opportunities include:

• Development of confidence to lead others

• Visits to local primary schools to teach younger tamariki and assist with school events such as Cross Country and Athletics Sports

• Learning to plan and lead effective lessons

• Responding to high expectations and the chance to be a role model

• NCEA Level 1 preparation (Sport Science)

Subject Head:

Mr Stanhope 


Fabric Design Technology is a half-year course which focuses on designing and implementing basic textile concepts to create or revamp a fashion garment or accessories. All students will demonstrate a range of techniques and processes to manufacture their product from colour application to final construction. They will also learn how to communicate and model ideas through the use of CAD software and freehand sketching.


Mr Rowland


An opportunity to select a subject that combines outdoor education, physical activity/fitness,  teamwork, problem solving and leadership skills.  This includes regular interaction with the Senior Service Academy which provides as insight into this highly successful and inspiring course. The benefit of this option subject is the students still have all the core subjects and other options as part of their regular timetable.  The added bonus of this subject is being able discover skills and routines that will develop their engagement in school and ultimately provide them with the ability to take responsibility for their learning in Year 10 and into the senior school.

The programme will have the following topics:

• Drill and parade – physical activity, fitness and discipline in a military style context

• Adventure based learning – Problem solving, teamwork, cooperation and leadership in an active context

• Physical Challenge –a longest day


Staff Shaw

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