Subject Head:

Ms Lai

This course uses Tinkercad and Laserworks Pro Software. Computer based learning using 3D CAD (Computer Aided Design) and CAM (Computer Aided Manufacturing). Use of laser cutter to make projects.  Mix of computer design and workshop based skills.


Subject Head:

Mrs Frisby

Students will experiment with the use of linear energy/movement through the use of Pneumatics and Hydraulic modelling systems.  Students will be given a challenge to work in small groups.  The experience will teach design initiatives and creativity and problem solving skills.  The conclusion of this module will require the groups to demonstrate their group’s solution to the challenge in the working model.  Skills and experiences learnt will be essential parts of Technology programmes offered at Year 11 (Level 1) and onwards.


Subject Head:

Ms Reihana

Food Technology is a five week module which requires students to produce a two/three course meal for friends.  Students are expected to complete a design booklet which has evidence of research, planning, development of ideas and evaluation.  The whole process from design problem to final solution must be evident in their design booklet and stakeholders’ needs are expected to be met.  The subject leads on to Level 1 Food Technology. 


Subject Head:

Mr Dobbin

Plan, design, manufacture and evaluate an individualised project needed for home from a range of hard materials (mainly metal but may include glass, mirror, plastic, wood, etc). Students develop a range of practical workshop skills, utilising a range of new machinery, with the main joining technique being MIG welding. This course reinforces learning from other curriculum areas including mathematics (measurements, instruments, calculations), science (characteristics of materials), art, graphics and Maori culture (concept development) and English (terminology, symbols, and text).  This course leads onto Level 1 Metal Technology.


Subject Head:

Mr Rowland

Yr10 Wood Technology is a 5 week course that provides an opportunity for students to work closely with a stakeholder to design a solution to address a need.  The solution is to be made from wood and be used at home.  Safety is a major element of this course and is taught throughout the 5 weeks, students are required to record their progress.  Once a solution is designed and approved by the stakeholder and teacher, students can apply the knowledge learned to manufacture their solution.  Hand tools, power tools and machine skills are taught, and where necessary used on solutions.  Students are expected to write a full evaluation to complete their project.  This course leads on to L1 Wood Technology.