Ms Bowe

The course covers a wide range of topics and focuses on providing students with the keys skills needed to continue through to Level 3 NCEA.  Practical skills covered include: formal, creative and essay writing, reading and deeper thinking skills, and multimodal literacy skills.  There is an emphasis on transactional writing and the essential language skills necessary for progression into higher year levels.  Students also have the opportunity to participate in the ICAS English Competition, the National Spelling Bee competition, and debating and speech competitions.



Mrs Webster

Students develop flexibility and creativity in applying mathematical strategies to everyday life.  Students will develop the ability to reflect critically on the methods they have chosen.  Problem solving, reasoning and communicating mathematical ideas are learned and assessed through the skills of Number, Measurement, Geometry, Algebra and Statistics.  Students also have the opportunity to participate in the Australian Mathematics Competition, Maths Olympiad and in the Maths Mind Competition.



Mr Marrow

Science is both a process of enquiry and a body of knowledge. It is an integrated discipline.  The strands focus on the nature of science and relationship to technology, the development of scientific skills and attitudes and integrating these with the living world, the physical world, the material world and the planet earth and beyond.  Students have the opportunity to participate in extension activities, with the opportunity to go further if successful.



Mrs Farrell

The overall aim of Social Studies at Trident High School is to provide an interesting and varied introduction to the Social Sciences.  Students learn how we participate in our changing society as informed, confident and responsible global citizens.  We focus on the strands of Identity, Culture and Organisation, Place and Environment, Continuity and Change and Economic Activities.  These are achieved through inquiry learning, exploration of values and social decision making.



Mr Stanhope

The course focuses on personal health and physical development, movement concepts and motor skills, relationships with other people and health in the community and environment.  This course consists of practical and theoretical components.  Practical activities ensure that students gain a broad movement base and that they are exposed to learning a variety of different skills.

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