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YEAR 9 2023

The transition from Year 8 to Year 9 in High School is one of the most significant changes in a young student’s life – a new environment, new teachers, many more students,

different classes and different expectations. This transition can be eased by the advice and guidance offered by the new school. At Trident High School, our goal is to make that transition as smooth as possible through the programmes and information that we provide for our new students.

The process includes the detailed information in the Prospectus, the Year 8 Open Day, the subject selection information and the enrolment interview with the Year 9 Deans. 

from the careers department

Whilst we encourage Year 9 and 10 students to start thinking about their future career plans it is important not to focus too narrowly on one career idea. Junior students should aim to keep a broad educational platform with as many doors as possible open and not worry about trying to decide which door to go through yet!


Careers NZ is available online. It is recommended as an excellent source of up to date information to help with career planning and subject choice. The Student Careers Services is available to all students attending Trident High School. The school has a dedicated Careers Counsellor who is there to help all students as well as three Guidance Counsellors for personal help.

the year 9 academic year

Academic Core Class and Option Subjects

  • All Year 9 students are also placed in a Core Class and study the following compulsory subjects together for the whole year: English, Mathematics, Science, Social Studies and Physical Education.

  • Through a subject rotation students will experience a range of technology, arts and culture curriculums that can help inform future learning pathways.

  • Students also have a choice of one half year option subject in languages, sports and arts to further expand their knowledge and experiences.


Students will work with their Parents/Caregivers and Deans to finalise their course



Students study the core subjects and 12 other subjects through their Rotations plus choose a further curriculum area. 

In some cases these subjects are delivered in their form classes, in other cases they will be re-organised to cater for different levels of teaching and learning.

There are also a number of different learning groupings for students to consider – The Apex programme, the Te Aka Motuhake programme and the Whakapiki i te ao Mātauranga.  These are specific learning opportunities that you can find more information about here.


 All Year 9 students study the following CORE subjects for the whole year:








Students have the chance to experience a 4 week taster of all the subjects offered within the school. 

All students rotate through three ROTATIONS:

Mataatua Rotation:

  • Tikanga and Te Reo

  • Whakairo/ Carving

  • Traditional Maori Games

  • Maori Performing Arts

Art Technology Rotation:

  • Music

  • Drama/ Dance

  • Art

  • Fabric/ Bio Technology

Technology Rotation:

  • Product Development Metal

  • Product Development Wood

  • Trident FabLab

  • Food Design

Students can also choose one of these Choices subjects:

  • Japanese

  • Spanish

  • Te Reo

  • Art

  • Sports Leadership

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