Subject Head:

Ms Prevette

This course provides an exciting introduction to the graphics and design world.  Students will learn how to problem solve through technical sketching such as freehand, instrumental drawings and modelling.  They will follow a design process and use graphic skills to develop spatial and product designs.


Subject Head:

Mr Pickering

This course uses Tinkercad and Laserworks Pro Software. Computer based learning using 3D CAD (Computer Aided Design) and CAM (Computer Aided Manufacturing). Use of laser cutter to make projects.  Mix of computer design and workshop based skills.


Subject Head:

Mrs Frisby

During the course Year 9 students will be taught how to make the most of Microsoft Word 2016.  To achieve this students will complete a series of tasks designed to empower them with valuable, transferable skills and knowledge that they use across their other subjects.  In addition to Microsoft Office students will also experience a wide range of online web 2.0 tools as part of the Digital Technologies framework.  These tools will enable students to familiarise themselves with the types of skills they will require in order to become a digital citizen in the 21st century.  These skills include:

ways of thinking - creativity, critical thinking, problem-solving, decision-making and learning; ways of working - communication and collaboration; tools for working - information and communications technology (ICT) and digital literacy (DTG); skills for living in the world - citizenship, life and career, and personal and social responsibility.

Students will use a variety of coding platforms including Scratch, Python and Kano to code and programme a series of robots, remote controlled bots, spheros, lego kits, Raspberry Pis and mechanical devices to move around and do what they want them to do.  Students will be given a series of scenarios based around technology in the future and will then work collaboratively on a project-based solution using the robots, devices and software presented to them.  They will then present their solution to the rest of the class in a format of their choice.


Subject Head:

Ms Reihana

The Year 9 Food Technology module requires students to contribute towards a shared lunch as a final assessment.  Students are expected to complete a design booklet which has evidence of research, planning, development of ideas and evaluation.  The whole process from design problem to final solution must be evident in their design booklet and stakeholders' needs are expected to be met.


Subject Head:

Mr Dobbin

Students are introduced to the next level of workshop tools and equipment, learning to join, cut, shape and finish a stylish project from a range of materials. The designs are informed by critical and creative design thinking, utilising computing to transfer their unique design onto their chosen workpiece. Workshop Safety is paramount with safe processing methods a key feature of this course so that students can enjoy the use of a wide range of workshop machinery without incident.


Subject Head:

Mr Rowland

Students are encouraged to be innovative and use adaptation to design their coaster set. The designs are informed by critical and creative thinking and specific design processes taught in class. Students learn to use NZ Rimu, Matai, Pine, Fijian Mahogany, and Fijian Kauri with hand tools, machines and a state of the art laser engraver. Students produce their ethical coaster designs that respect the unique relationship that New Zealanders have with their physical environment, embracing the significance of Māori culture and world views. Safety is paramount and this is a significant focus of this course.

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