Subject Head:

Miss Corbett

In Bio Technology, students develop knowledge of the materials and ingredients used to formulate a range of products intended to improve the quality of human life.  Students are provided with a scenario, outlining specifications for a product.  They transform and manipulate materials and ingredients to develop conceptual, prototypic and final outcomes.  They explore the impact of different economic and cultural concepts on the development of processed products, including their application in product preservation, packaging and storage.  They also develop understandings of the processes and techniques used in manufacturing products.  Students demonstrate critical, reflective and creative thinking as they evaluate and critique each other’s outcomes in terms of the quality of their design, their fitness for purpose and their wider impacts.


Subject Head:

Mr Pickering

This module consists of exposure to Computer Aided Design (CAD) tools such as Cut Studio, SketchUp, Adobe Illustrator and Laserworks.  Students then create their design using our Computer Aided Manufacturing machines (CAM). The module is based around prototyping to create a project in the workshop environment. Students will have opportunities to use metal, wood and plastic.  Safety is taught throughout the module. 


Subject Head:

Ms Lai

During the module of Fabric Technology, students will design and manufacture a textile product within a given theme. They will have the opportunity to create a new logo that could be applied onto their item using CAD/CAM. Students will also learn how to freehand sketch ideas that highlight their style features, present a visual journal to show how the product is assembled and to develop a final outcome using a range of textile equipment safely.


Subject Head:

Ms Reihana

The Year 9 Food Technology module requires students to contribute towards a shared lunch as a final assessment.  Students are expected to complete a design booklet which has evidence of research, planning, development of ideas and evaluation.  The whole process from design problem to final solution must be evident in their design booklet and stakeholders' needs are expected to be met.


Subject Head:

Mr Dobbin

Students are introduced to the next level of workshop tools and equipment, learning to join, cut, shape and finish a stylish project from a range of materials. The designs are informed by critical and creative design thinking, utilising computing to transfer their unique design onto their chosen work piece. Workshop Safety is paramount with safe processing methods a key feature of this course so that students can enjoy the use of a wide range of workshop machinery without incident.