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The Trident High School charter is an integral part of our school’s self-management because it reflects the vision of parents, students, staff, and the community for their school. As such it is available for perusal and input at any time from the school office by interested groups and at specific times at meetings of staff, parents and the community.


This charter details the school’s aims, purposes, and objectives, and determines how the school will meet the needs of students in terms of providing “a quality education in a partnership environment where excellence and respect are encouraged”. The charter also serves as the undertaking by the Board of Trustees to the Minister of Education.


The needs of the students, their learning and improving outcomes for them are the focus of this charter.


By following the guiding principles of this charter, the Board of Trustees will ensure that all students are given an education:

  • that attends to their needs,

  • provides a range of opportunities that challenge them to achieve personal standards of excellence in all they do,

  • helps them have respect for both themselves and others.

All school activities will be designed to advance these purposes.


This will be achieved through a partnership between the school, its community and the Minister, under the provisions of the Education Act.


The Board of Trustees will take all reasonable steps to ensure that the school meets the goals and objectives of this charter within the resources and the time available to it.

The full school charter can be accessed here.

Trident High School annual accounts can be accessed here.

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