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If you have forgotten your username or password:

Student username is your student number (only) and your password is normal school password 

New books
in the Library


Audio and Ebooks

Students have access to our online Audio/Ebook library on their device or phone.

1. Go to App Store and download wheelers ePlatform

2. Find Trident High School then browse our books.

3. To issue the book they will need to sign in. Username is student number (only), then their school password. 

The book is automatically issued for two weeks, with an opportunity to be renewed. They will be sent an email.

audio books

Wheelers Collection's dedicated Selectors have been hard at work choosing a fantastic new range of titles to add to our Audiobook Shared Collections. 

Select to see all Audiobook Collection additions for April 2020.

We encourage you to further explore the range of New Releases, with the ability to purchase and add additional titles for the exclusive use of your students. 

Feeling stuck? Have you checked out ‘Any Questions?’. 'Any Questions' is a service offering online help to NZ students with their inquiries. Select 'Many Answers’ on menu bar for featured topics or search topics. Also - Did you know you can Chat to a real librarian about your inquiry?

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