Whole School and Community  Māoritanga :

Supported  by Successful Engagement with our whole community.


  • Develop a culturally responsive pedagogy across all learning opportunities and learning areas

  • Celebrate Maori success as Maori

  • Celebrate Maori success by Maori

  • Develop a sense of Turangawaewae for the school

  • Using community experts


  • Mentoring

  • Community involvement in school activity and ownership /  Whanau meetings

  • Extending Māori Tikanga and Language skills

  • TAM and RRR

  • COL support Māori Achievement

  • Efficient communications systems in school and the whole community

  •  Easily manageable – Specific communication channels  best suited for our school

  • Web-site connections / Use of the school app

  • Work within the Community of Schools to achieve the common goals of the COL


Professional Learning : Supported by

  • Growing our pedagogy through inquiry

  • IT technology up-skilling

       Reflective Practice


  • IT – digital tech skills and capability – setting a common standard for all teachers at Trident

  • Subject knowledge – on-going development and extension in all areas

  • Te Ao Māori – growing our understanding of the culture in which Whakatane exists.

  • Sharing knowledge and skill – breaking the silos of learning


  • Our Teacher Pedagogy

  • Content

  • Standards

  • Moderation

  • TAI (Consolidate Teaching as Inquiry) Common platform

  • Subject specific extension PD (In school and out)

  • COL support data support and application

  • Specific / technical skills /


Academic Achievement: Supported by a Curriculum that reflects the learning community and maintains and raises  current NCEA achievement levels


  • Cross curriculum – across departments – shared curriculum, standards, data and expertise

  •  Resources – identifying the essentials and planning for further developments

  • Develop specific tracking programmes of students by all teachers to ensure detailed planning and support.


  • Flexible time table to inspire innovation   and sharing of curriculum

  • Courses that accommodate the needs of students at risk.

  • Courses that meet the overlapping needs all students – Scholarship, Mid band and Support classes.

  • Tracking/Monitoring progress across cohorts to ensure improvement in NCEA levels

  • Developing an Holistic progress and achievement mechanism

  • In-school COL support for extending Literacy and Numeracy across the  curriculum


Pastoral Care and Core Values:

Supported by Restorative Practice  


  • Restorative Practice  

  • Relationships that reflect the Core values of the school

  • Manaakitanga / Whanaungatanga support our values in the school

  • Core values are further embedded through  our current values


  • House System (Examine and evaluate current structure / explore alternatives / research    different  structures ie vertical forms/ small learning groups/ tutor groupings for mentoring/

  • Current systems – Kamar / PB4L / Research other approaches

  • Student Leadership / Tuakana Teina