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Trident High School Inter-house Programme


The Inter-house programme is a vibrant, positive and year long event that connects all aspects of the school’s vast co-curricular programme into one internal structure.


The rationale is for students to take part in a fun competition that brings the school closer together in a spirited and meaningful way.  It adds another dimension to school life and adds to the enjoyment of being connected to school culture. Taking part in Inter-house competition creates a sense of belonging and respect between peers - both within their own house and others.  They understand what it is to participate and contribute to something that is not just about themselves but the school as a whole. They learn to show courage by participating in whatever they can and contributing as best they can. It demonstrates to the students that their best effort is good enough to count towards the overall success of their house.  The rationale of the Inter-house programme puts Trident’s core values front and centre into the daily routine of students. The core values of Respect for others, Quality work and Kia Manawa Nui - have courage - all form the basis for a year long group of events and activities. Naturally the students have a lot of fun, create memories and feel a sense of pride along the way and of course develop a loyalty like no other.


The events are spread throughout the year, starting off with full school wide events like the Cross Country, Swimming and Athletic sports.  Full days of participation and fun where they earn points to see which house proves to be the best on the day. Other sports events include week long tournaments between the four houses that are spread across the four terms and include sports like futsal, basketball, touch and even the old fashioned tug of war and gumboot throw.


The Inter-house competition also incorporates charitable events like Shave for a cure, The Blood Drive and SPCA collection days.  Students can earn points by simply donating items or their time in supporting significant causes.


The school’s Red and Blue certificates acknowledge the demonstration of Trident’s core values within an academic setting and also contribute to each house’s collection of points.  This allows students who may not choose to be involved with the other events to actively contribute and feel a sense of belonging.


The Inter-house programme has grown over the last few years and will continue to develop and include new and exciting events such as musical/cultural  performances as they develop.


Each new student is allocated into a house when they enrol, where they stay for the time they are at school.  During their final year the students can seek leadership roles and look to lead their respective houses. This helps develop the connection each student can have with their house.


BUCK (Orange)

Sir Peter Henry Buck (Te Rangi Hiroa); 1877 – 1951, was known as an athlete, physician, administrator, politician, soldier and anthropologist.


KARA (Yellow)

Sir James Carroll (Timi Kara); 1857 – 1926, was a member of parliament, a man of great mana amongst Māori and Pakeha.

NGATA (Green)

Sir Apirana Turupa Ngata; 1874 – 1950, was a prominent New Zealand politician and lawyer.


POMARE (Purple)

Sir Maui Wiremu Pita Naera Pomare; 1876 – 1930, was a member of parliament and the first Māori doctor in New Zealand.

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