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Bookings and Conditions of Use:

-    Bond is refundable
-    Bond is an instalment on repairs
-    Bond must be repaid (after all repair expenses have been met)


Hiring the turf:

Users must carry a “Turf” pass.
Passes are available on completion of this form.


Rules of use:

  • Clean soft-soled shoes

  • No smoking

  • No food (including gum)

  • No rubbish

  • No animals or pets

  • No equipment with sharp edges

Use of the auditorium, gymnasium and other facilities:

  • Please do not move any gear from the equipment bay.

  • Bring your own indoor equipment.

  • Approved equipment usage, ie. rubber practice balls.

  • No hockey sticks or cricket bats/balls.

  • Clean Sports shoes only to be worn.

  • No sprigs, raised heels, toe or heel plates or street shoes are permitted.

  • Please remove loose dirt from footwear on the ‘boot-brushes’ at the main entrance.

  • Food and drink is not permitted in the gym.

  • The facilities must be left as it is found.

Access, Closing up and Departure:

  • Keys must be arranged with the school office/caretaker in school time. 

  • Floors must be swept by the users before locking up.

  • Check/lock double door exits at each end of the gymnasium.

  • Switch off lights on wall panel.

  • Set security alarm (if appropriate).

  • Lock entrance doors.

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