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APEX Programme


The purpose of the Advanced Programme for Excellence is to enhance scholarship achievement at Trident. Scholarship is the highest indication of academic excellence available at secondary level and proficiency at this level across a range of curriculum areas indicates a learning establishment which nurtures and develops elite scholars.

• To develop robust scholars who are inquisitive and committed in their learning
• To empower students to excel in their areas of strength and ability
• To match the opportunities for academic students to their needs and ability irrespective of year level


Current opportunities in Apex

Enrichment programmes in Science, Social Sciences and Technology – students are selected to participate in EOTC events to develop their understanding and thinking in these curriculum areas. These include field trips, university taster courses, guest speakers, and academic subject-based competitions such as ICAS and Chemquest.

Streaming for Excellence in Maths and English – the top students are given a programme of broader and deeper learning with opportunities to advance academically beyond their year group. They also have access to field trips, guest speakers, and academic subject based competitions such as ICAS and Mathsmind.


Cultural enhancement – EOTC opportunities are offered for students within and beyond New Zealand through the Taranaki and Wellington Arts Festivals, The Auckland Writers’ Festival, Trident’s European Culture Tour, the Japanese trip and visits from specialists such as the Massey University Spanish Experience.


2023 Apex Class at Year 9

The APEX class forms an academic pathway to scholarship.

Students will be challenged in their thinking and learning and will show commitment and curiosity in their approach to learning. This class will be dedicated to academic excellence across all subject areas, at all levels including NCEA Levels 1, 2 and 3. Students will be given the opportunity to advance according to their proven ability and capacity in their subjects.


The Year Nine programme will be dedicated to enriching the learning opportunities for the students to allow them to develop breadth and depth in their core subjects. In year 10 this class will sit a range of NCEA Level One standards; these will be both internal and external according to student ability and performance. Selection for the APEX class will be determined by academic performance both recorded by incoming data from feeder schools and through an entrance test to be completed in Term 4. This will assess student ability in English, Mathematics and Reasoning.


An application must be made to be considered for selection. Retaining a place in the APEX form class will require students to maintain an excellent work ethic and perform to the best of their ability. Further places may become available in the APEX form class as the year progresses for students who demonstrate the academic ability required.

Scholarship programmes

The Full Scholarship Group supports individual students in their approach to scholarship thinking. Workshops develop critical thinking skills and prepare students for the requirements of responding at scholarship level across a range of subjects.


Scholarship Subject Tutorials are run for students in most curriculum areas. These take place beyond the normal academic timetable and cover the content for scholarship in the subject area and develop the skills required to respond at the appropriate level.


Te Aka Motuhake Programme



To develop strong leadership within the student body at Trident and nurture students to make a positive difference in the wider community of the Bay of Plenty and New Zealand when they leave our school. The school relies on its student leaders to carry the core principles of Kia Manawanui (Courage), Whaia te Iti Kahurangi (Quality Work) and Manaakitanga (Respect for Others) throughout the school.


• To develop strong leaders who are courageous in their learning and relationships
• Māori student achievement is highly supported in Te Aka Motuhake.

Current Structure of Te Aka Motuhake
The classes work in unison as a vertical cohort, coming together for regular assemblies and to welcome guest speakers or participate in EOTC opportunities. The vertical structure allows senior students to have a positive impact on the junior students and allows mentorship relationships to develop. Students from the roopu identify strongly with the group and feel an enhanced sense of belonging at the school.


The shared assemblies are student led and focus on developing the core values of the programme. Students celebrate their achievements, share common goals and strive for success. Form teachers attend the assemblies and classes have competitions and activities which develop team building and identity for the classes. The EOTC opportunities involve leadership challenges, such as completing the High Ropes Course  or horse trekking, and the guest speakers invited to inspire our students share the common ethos of the programme.


2023 Te Aka Motuhake Class Year 9

The Te Aka Motuhake class for Year Nine is selected on the basis of feeder school data and an expression of interest upon enrolment. The application is made both by the student who wishes to be part of the programme and the parents who wish their son / daughter to have this experience. Those students who demonstrate leadership potential, positive attitudes and a dedication to academic endeavour are considered for selection for the class by a group of staff including the Te Aka Motuhake co-ordinator, Senior Management Team members and the Year Nine Deans.

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