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Our photo archives are available for you to view and print.  Where available, class photos, magazines and other special photos from 1973 until now are included, with the exception of the 80's from which photo's are at large.  

To view, please click here, then type the year that you are searching for into the search bar on the top left of the page. 

If you have any copies of magazines and photos from the 1980's we would appreciate the opportunity to scan and make digital copies of them.  If you manage to find some of these please contact our librarian by emailing

Welcome to you -  our Trident High School Alumni - ex students from all eras!  


You are global citizens that show our current students that an education at Trident provides a platform from which they can launch into a full and varied life in our world.  

We encourage you to join our Trident Alumni Association as a valued member of our Trident community.  We will send emails regarding our Golden Jubilee and hope you can make it to the exciting event in June 2023.  Please click this link to take you to our Golden Jubilee Facebook event page.  We also have a webpage set up with a form to register your interest in the event. 

As a member of the Trident Alumni Association, you will get regular newsletters that keep you up to date with our current news as well as special newsletters when we get closer to our 50th Anniversary celebrations that feature our Trident Alumni from 1973 to today.  We are committed to helping reconnect our historic community through our Trident Alumni Association and will offer this space at our Golden Jubilee, if not prior to the event. 

As Trident's 50th Anniversary approaches in 2023 we will be celebrating and will send you updates on where we are with the planning of celebrations as the date gets closer. 

We also encourage you to 'like' our Trident News Facebook page and will let you know details when we set up a new Trident Alumni Association Facebook page for news and events after our Golden Jubilee.  If you are in touch with people from your year group please 'share' our Trident News Facebook page with them too!

As valued members of our Trident Community please refer to our Koha for Trident page.  There you might find ideas of how you can contribute your time, experience or mentorship to our school.  Perhaps you might find yourself in a position where you would like to support our school with a financial koha and there are details on that page detailing that too.


To join our database of the Trident Alumni Association please emailing our office.

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