We thank our entire Trident community for their support of online learning during Level 4, 3 and 2.  We will be continuing on from our experience with online learning, building on what we have learnt over this time.  

Trident High Board of Trustees has supported the school staff in the development of the on-line learning environment. The school plans to ensure that every student has a digital device to support their learning, whether it is a personal device that the student has at home or through this initiative where the school has three options on offer for our students:

1. The offer for you to purchase a new Chrome Book from the school at the cost of $358.80 GST inclusive.
2. An opportunity to sign up to a Loan to buy scheme, at $5 a week over 18 months at $360 GST inclusive.

In these two cases, a new Chrome Book will be owned by the student and the family. The school will offer a one year warranty and will provide back up service through our IT technicians. There will be a formal agreement to ensure that you and the school are protected and the school will include the Google management programme for school time use and for support, should it be lost or stolen. 

3.A third option will be a long term loan of an older Chrome Book that will remain the property of the school but will be kept by the student for the duration of the school year. There will be a loan agreement attached to this process.