The academic achievement of Trident students over the past five years ranks among the best of the state schools across the wider Bay of Plenty.
The Education Review Office (ERO) made this comment:


“High levels of student progress and achievement continue to be a feature of the school. Analysis of National Certificate of Educational Achievement (NCEA) data indicates that the proportion of students, including Māori, gaining Level 1, 2 and 3 certificates exceeds national averages”.


New Zealand Scholarship will extend our best secondary students and enable top scholars to be identified and acknowledged.  Students will be able to enter one or more scholarship standard assessments while completing their Level 3 Assessments in the scholarship subject areas.


The aim is to assess a student’s ability to synthesise and integrate concepts – to apply higher level thinking based on in-school and independent learning. 


The content assessed for Scholarship is the same as that covered for Level 3 Achievement Standards.  All Scholarship candidates must complete a full year of Level 3 studies at a secondary school.


Assessment is standards based (but not using achievement or unit standards) and all assessments will be external, the scholarship is a one off examination, except in Art and Design and Visual Communication.  Standards have been developed for each Scholarship subject.


For each standard, two levels of achievement can be gained:


  • Scholarship

  • Outstanding Performance


The scholarship is an award and not a qualification.  There are ‘top’ student awards and monetary awards which currently are:


  • Single Subject Award:  for students who gain Scholarship in up to two subjects, a one-off award of $500 per subject.

  • Top Student in Subject:  $2,000 each year for three years provided the student maintains a B grade average in tertiary study.

  • Scholarship Award:  a student gains Scholarship in three subjects will be awarded $2,000 each year for three years provided the student maintains a B grade average in tertiary study.

  • Outstanding Scholar Award:  for the top 40 – 60 students who gain outstanding performances in at least two or three Scholarship subjects passed.  The award is $5,000 each year for three years provided the student maintains a B grade average in tertiary study.

  • Premier Award:  for the top 5 – 10 students who get three Scholarships with outstanding performances will be awarded $10,000 each year for three years provided the student maintains a B grade average in tertiary study.



Trident will continue the Scholarship Standards as part of the Year 13 and Year 12 Programmes.  The final selection of these standards will take place during 2017 as the course selection is dependent on achievement at Level 2 and progress at Level 3 in 2017.


Trident High School is proud to announce that their students achieved 19 Scholarships! This is the highest number of scholarships Trident students have received in a year and we are very proud.

Learn more about our winners here.

In the wider Bay of Plenty Trident has come in second equal for the amount of scholarships our students received in 2018. Bethlehem College also gained 19 scholarships, while Tauranga Boys (with a roll of 2000) gained 31. What an achievement for our students, our school and our community!

Trident would like to extend congratulations to the staff involved, and the following winners.



Sara Aruquipa

Clarke Spence

Lachlan Spence

Sophia van der Gulik

Art Painting

Portia De Forest

Mariama Hunia

Courtney Moir


Megan Joy

Earth & Space Science

Megan Joy

Jack Nelson

Simon Winship

Mathematics with Statistics

Elena Miller

Jack Nelson

Sophia van der Gulik


Holly Minchington

Clarke Spence

Lachlan Spence

Simon Winship


Jack Nelson

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