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Trident's understanding of community is continuing to change and develop in the twenty-first century. We have  students who have taken their learning and leadership out into the local community in successful endeavours across the Whakatane district. Our senior students are constantly recognising and responding to our responsibilities as members of a global community: learning to play a part in our world community and be responsive to its needs.


These are complex ideas which face our twenty first century students because they are required to consider their place in a range of communities. 


Trident Students have the opportunity to engage in community-based groups and activities such as:



Electives are a point of difference here at Trident High School.  They provide a fantastic opportunity for students to work with a broad range of peers and staff in an informal setting to learn new skills and hobbies or develop in a sport. The sessions run for 75 minutes and aim to develop whanaungatanga across the school.  All students participate in Electives several times throughout the year.  There is a wide range of choices based on teacher skills and interest, past and current activities have included Surfing, Driver’s License, Movie Making, Mosaics, Digital Music, Moto X, Equestrian, Coding, Gaming, Production and Theatre Sports, Chess, Quiz Challenge, Cross fit, Book Club, Knitting, Box fit, Yoga and all sports codes.  These are but a few of the activities available as we are always looking to run new and exciting programmes that are of interest to our students.

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