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ERO Report

Under the new Education Review Office process, Trident is working alongside Neil Harray from ERO, to develop the schools enactment of our Strategic Priorities. As these become fully delveoped they will be shared with our Trident Community. 

“Trident High School enables many students to achieve success in academic, sporting and cultural activities. Students receive a well-rounded education that is enriched by the wide range of learning pathways that enable them to make meaningful and responsible choices about their future. A well-organised, purposeful, inclusive atmosphere for learning is provided.

 The school’s values support the well-embedded motto – ‘Kia Manawa Nui’. ERO observed settled classes, engaged students and a culture conducive for learning.

School leaders make effective use of a wide range of achievement information to review the school’s curriculum.  This includes the design and implementation of responsive programmes that engage students through real-life learning contexts. Teachers make good use of achievement information to inform programme planning to respond to individual students’ needs and strengths.

Teachers, under the guidance and support of enthusiastic heads of faculty, work collaboratively in the best interests of students. They establish positive, respectful relationships with students and share their enthusiasm for their subject with their classes. Students work closely with teachers and deans to set and monitor achievement goals that support them as self-managing learners.

Trident High School’s curriculum provides many opportunities for students to experience success. The school uses innovative and flexible approaches to curriculum design. There are additional opportunities for students to develop leadership and citizenship skills in a wide variety of forums.


The school is proud of the high proportion of students who are awarded scholarships and NCEA merit and excellence endorsements.

There are also many opportunities for students who experience success in a variety of sporting and cultural pursuits in local, national and international events and competitions. Teachers are highly committed to supporting the school’s extensive sporting, performing arts and cultural programmes

Students with high learning and/or health needs enjoy a safe, well-resourced, purpose-built specialist unit.


Student engagement and wellbeing are effectively supported by comprehensive pastoral care processes. Committed deans carefully monitor students’ attendance, emotional safety and academic progress, and develop partnerships with parents and whānau.


Trident High School is well placed to sustain and improve its performance because:

  • trustees bring a wide range of skills to their respective roles and have strong links in the wider community

  • board members work closely with school leaders to provide effective governance

  • the principal knows the school community well and sets clear expectations for teaching and learning

  • school leaders have established high levels of trust with teachers and have a focus on continual school improvement in the best interests of students

  • there are many examples of effective internal evaluation particularly in relation to curriculum design

  • teachers are supported to further their knowledge and understanding through regular professional learning and development opportunities, including regular reflection and dialogue with their colleagues

  • there are high levels of community support for the school.”


The full report is available on :

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