STUDENT LEADERSHIP                                        

Opportunities are provided for students at all levels to assist in the running of the school. Students are involved in organising assemblies, inter-class and inter-house activities, mufti days, leadership week, SADD, the Talent Quest and the Senior Ball which is a highlight at the end of the year. They also chair the Student Council and Interact and are part of the Whakatane Social Sector Trial, Leadership Groups and the Whakatane Youth Leadership Council.


PEER SUPPORT                                                     

Peer Support is a programme which trains Year 13 Peer Support leaders to work with small groups of Year 9 students. Peer Support aims to encourage positive relationships between students by building communication and leadership skills in both Year 9 and Year 13 students. By participating in co-operative group activities students learn about each other and the ethos and culture of the school. Friendships are forged and each person is valued for what they contribute to the group and the school.

Trident High School

Tel: 64-7-308-8159

Arawa Road, Whakatane

We are committed to our core values of 

Quality Work and Respect for Others, that draw on the strength and courage of our motto

– Kia Manawa Nui –

Be Courageous.

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