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The Gateway programme has been successfully operating at Trident High School since 2006.  It provides students with an opportunity to spend time in the workplace during school time . This often helps  students confirm their  career direction and helps to lead to both part time and full time employment.

Students must apply to be on this course, with the Gateway coordinator and be interviewed to confirm a place on this programme, as numbers are limited.  However, students can also access assistance to set up 'Look Day' in a business or work experience outside the guide lines of the Gateway programme, for example during their elective time .

Once on the programme students are able to self select an industry (or several) and a placement plan is designed for them, taking into account other school commitments.

Students are also supported through the employer interview process and assistance is given in the form of tools, equipment and sometimes transport and uniforms.

Two classes run as part of this programme; Level 2 and Level 3.  The main theme of these classes is to raise the students' awareness  of what employability looks like.

Both 'Work Ready' units are taught, as well as specific units for students based around their industry selection.  Guest speakers are regularly in the class to share their work history and employment philosophies.

Students can also apply from within the classes and from their year groups to be part of small group placements such as The Warehouse, New World  and Countdown . These courses are part of Gateway but are also managed by an external coordinator and run for about 10 weeks, offering approximately 20 credits in Retail.

The Trident High School coordinators are Karen Benge and Jeanette Pleijte you are welcome to touch base if you have any questions.


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