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Year 12, Level 2


What is the National Certificate of Educational Achievement Level Two?


If you are aiming to go to University or Polytechnic you need to enroll in a full Level Two course and:


  • Gain a minimum of 10 credits at Level 2 or higher in specific English or Te Reo Māori standards.; 5 credits must be in Reading and 5 credits must be in Writing;

  • Gain a minimum of 14 credits at Level 1 or higher in Mathematics or Pangarau.


What kind of programme will I take?


All subjects at Year 12 will allow you to gain credits towards National Certificates.


All credits from Level 2 Unit Standards and Achievement Standards can be credited towards the National Certificate of Education Achievement Level Two.


NCEA Level Two

The National Certificate of Education Achievement Level 2 will be awarded to students who have gained a total of 80 credits of which:

  • 60 credits must be Level Two or higher Unit Standards and/or Achievement Standards.


If I choose a subject will I be allowed to take it?


That depends.  You have to reach certain standards before you can enter a subject at Level 2.  Your quality of work, end of year exam results and teacher recommendations will determine which subjects or courses you select to study in 2016.  In 2016 students will only be allowed to progress to Level 2 subjects if they have met the required standard.  Year 12 students who have not met the standard will have to complete the Level 1 standards before they proceed to Level 2 standards.


You need to select courses that extend you, that you enjoy and allow you to be successful in your learning. 

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