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Scholarship students 2018: Lachlan Spence, Sophie Van der Gulik, Mariama Hunia, Clarke Spence, Simon Winship, Courtney Moir, Megan Joy, Portia De Forest, Sara Aruquipa, Elena Miller. Absent - Holly Minchington, Jack Nelson

Trident High School is extremely proud to announce that 19 of our 2018 students gained Academic Scholarships for the 2018 year across a range of subjects. While Trident has a excellent history of scholarship results, this is the highest number of scholarships we have had since the NZQA Scholarship Award was introduced. Scholarship is the highest level of academic competition in NZ. It is a competition, not a qualification and it is run across most curriculum areas. Students who are awarded Scholarship in their subject demonstrate high-level critical thinking, abstraction and generalisation, and are able to integrate, synthesise and apply knowledge, skills, understanding and ideas to complex situations. The prestige of gaining Scholarship awards also comes with a monetary award to help during tertiary study and undoubtedly equips students for life beyond school.

Our 2018 Scholars that we congratulate are: Sara Aruquipa (English), Portia De Forest (Art Painting), Mariama Hunia (Art Painting), Megan Joy (Biology and Earth & Space Science), Elena Miller (Mathematics with Statistics), Holly Minchington (Music), Courtney Moir (Art Painting), Jack Nelson (Physics, Earth & Space Science and Mathematics with Statistics), Clarke Spence (English and Music), Lachlan Spence (English and Music), Sophia van der Gulik (English and Mathematics with Statistics), Simon Winship (Earth & Space Science and Music).

When congratulating our students on their success we also look to their subject teachers and all of our teaching staff at Trident, as our school sets out to prepare rigourous programmes to support our students learning at this level. Teachers put in time before school, during their break times and after school to ensure our students are as well prepared as possible. The dedication of time and the high level of experience from these teachers is recognised by our students with several of our scholars wishing to pay tribute to their teachers. Portia De Forest says “scholarship was a great opportunity to pursue the subject (Art Painting) which I have a passion for, at a higher, more challenging level. I couldn’t have gained this achievement without the help of my art teacher Mr Barr!” Simon Winship acknowledges the hard work of his teachers and thanks his “passionate teachers who worked with me, not just for the scholarships I gained, but how they worked so hard to extend me. A huge thanks to Ms Nolan and Mr Spence for their amazing support and tireless effort in helping me attain these scholarships”. Megan Joy credits her teachers with empowering her with self belief: “Ms Botha, Mr Andrew and Ms Nolan - your support and guidance has not only lead to these two amazing scholarships but also the belief that I have in myself to excel in anything I put my mind to. Thank you!”.

We know these students have bright futures ahead and wish them all the best with their studies that range from studying Medicine to Rocket Science to Music Therapy. What a diverse and talented bunch young people! They will represent Trident High School and Whakatane extremely well as they progress through the next levels of learning into their chosen careers..

We know they will make a difference in our world. Kia manawa nui.

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