Welcome to our new teachers!

Mrs Tania Samal and Mr Alex Wenzel joined Trident this term and we caught up with them to share a little about them with our Trident community.

Mr Wenzel comes from Canada and has spent time getting to know New Zealand prior to coming to Trident. He spent time backpacking around New Zealand and becoming familiar with the country he now calls home.

Prior to his travels around New Zealand he was exploring other parts of the world - traveling through Europe and Australia. 

The most memorable teaching moment Mr Wenzel has was when teaching in Australia where he took his students to play Ice Hockey. 

Skydiving is Mr Wenzel's favourite activity which is followed by scuba diving, ice hockey, and snowboarding. He is lucky that New Zealand offers plenty of opportunities to skydive over beautiful landscape, snowboard some great slopes and both locally and nationally we have plenty of scuba diving opportunities. Thank you to Mr Wenzel for sharing information on himself and Please make Mr Wenzel feel welcome in our school and town!

Mrs Tania Samal joined Trident this term after having worked at Whakatane High School for 21 years teaching Digital Technology.

Mrs Samal says she is inspired in her teaching practice by student engagement and enjoyment. Her most memorable teaching moments have been with students on overseas trips that she and her students have been lucky enough to go on.

We all need support and Mrs Samal credits her mother as her role model with the way she supports her.

Some fun facts that you might like to know about Mrs Samal is that her favourite colour is purple and she used to have a pet possum! She also learnt to play the drums but unfortunately gave up when she had her knees replaced.

Thank you to Mrs Samal for sharing some information about herself with us and please make Mrs Samal welcome at school and in our Trident community!

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