2020 DEANS

Year 11: Mrs Lynne Robb & Mr Gary Walters

Year 12: Ms Deanna Foster & Mr Jason Garner

Year 13: Mrs Nicholine Walters & Mr Jeff Lee

All students study the core subjects of English, Social Studies, Science, Mathematics, Physical Education and Health, the Integrated Programme and Technology

Trident offers NCEA Levels 1, 2 and 3, as well as comprehensive alternative vocational programmes in the form of Landskills, Service Academy, Futures Academy, and the Gateway Programme. All are placed on Vocational Pathways to guide students in their subject selection towards qualification and smart career choices.

YEAR 11, 12 & 13 STUDY 

  • The full range of academic subjects is offered at each level.

  • Subject Selection Booklets detail all subjects and qualifications in the senior school.

  • Teacher mentors support students with study.

  • Deans closely monitor every student’s progress.

  • In 2021 students will continue to have access to an even wider range of national and international programmes via video-conferencing through the Volcanix E-learning connections.

  • Workplace learning occurs through our Gateway programme.

  • Futures Academy provides secondary-tertiary pathway opportunities.

  • All courses are aligned to Vocational Pathways.

Head to the Subject Selection Page for further information.







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